16 Simple Businesses You Should Consider Starting

Owning your business is always an amazing prospect and a feat in itself. It gives you immense joy when everything finally comes together, and you get that sense of work satisfaction. So, here is a list of 16 business ideas that are easy to start.

1. Dog Walking Business

If you are a dog lover and eager to start a business with a simple idea, then dog walking is the right thing for you. Starting a dog walking business will not cost you anything, and you can start it off with just one dog. As the word spreads, in no time, you will find yourself walking more. However, as this happens, you would need to manage your growing clientele as best possible. The money, of course, is good and you can charge by the hour.

2. Home Landscaping

There are a ton of homeowners who do not have the time to take care of their yard or simply find it too tedious a task. This is why landscaping is a wonderful idea for an easy business, especially if you enjoy it. While you may break a sweat doing what you like, earning money from it makes it a lot sweeter. You can start your landscaping business as a part-time venture using your own tools. You can then invest your returns in sophisticated tools and move on to more complex jobs.

3. Content Writing

Content writing for different businesses is a great idea if you have good writing skills and are able to convey the message in layman’s terms. You can approach small businesses, to begin with, and tell them how you can help boost your business just by using informative content. You can begin this with only a laptop or PC and a decent internet connection.

4. Buy & Sell Used Books

New books cost a lot of money. Ask book aficionados, and they would agree. Used books are a great way to save money for readers, and all you need is the right contacts and space to store the books. You can start by selling the books you have collected, be it novels or textbooks, at a little less than half the price of a new one. As your clientele and inventory grow, increase the price of your books by a smaller percent to make up for storage purposes.

5. House Painting

Taking up orders for small painting jobs is an easy business; you can start with minimal investment. Get your foot in the door by working as an apprentice to sharpen your skills while on the job. Your main investment would be the tools required for the job, which are cheap. You would need a paint roller and brush set, extension pole, bucket, sponge, and an overall. The expensive stuff, i.e., the paint and primer required for the job, are paid for by the customers.

6. Window Cleaning

Most people are not keen on cleaning their own windows, be it a house, apartment, or office space, and would rather have someone else do it for them. Additionally, it does not take too much practice to do a decent job of cleaning windows. Meanwhile, the tools required for a small business in window cleaning are simple, such as wash pads, holster, and a reacher.

7. Personal Fitness Trainer

Are you health conscious and eager to share your secrets with the rest of the world? Then, by all means necessary, go ahead and do it. Personal training is an easy business idea that pretty much only requires your time and knowledge. Create videos and post them on YouTube and other social media platforms. Put your ideas out there and explain to people how they helped you. Offer some free advice and watch your clientele grow.

8. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a huge business where all you need is to be a pet lover and give them quality attention while their owners are not around. Factors that affect charges are the type of pet, service, and requirements. You can charge your customers an hourly rate that increases as you grow in experience.

9. Resume Writing

There are a host of people that want a resume that looks professional. If you can help them out, you could turn it into an easy business solution. You could earn yourself a good amount of money by making someone’s resume stand out from the rest and helping them bag their dream job. All you need is a computer or laptop, and you are good to go.

10. Tour Guide Service

Do you live in an iconic region or tourist destination, and you love talking about it? Then a tour guide service is something you should get your hands into. You can advertise yourself on social media and through known contacts in the area. This job does not require any start-up capital. The only important requirements are that you are punctual, presentable, and have good knowledge of what you are presenting.

11. Tax Returns Preparation

Many taxpayers have a tough time filing their tax returns and require much-needed assistance with it. If you are well-versed with tax preparations and would like to put your knowledge to good use, you can offer your services for a reasonable fee. Even a simple online course would give you ample information to get started. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, along with good communication skills to get the venture up and running.

12. Candle Making & Selling

Candle making and selling is a superb idea for an easy business, given that the materials to make them are cheap and non-perishable. Teach yourself through video tutorials and start with small orders. Advertise your work through social media, and your business will surely get across to many more clients.

13. Bartending Service

Show off your bartending skills at private parties, and you can work your way into a large and valuable market segment. Bartending is a well-paying job, even at small parties. Invest the returns in more tools for the job like mixers, your own glasses, test tubes, and take on larger party orders and employ assistants too.

14. Cleaning Service

Starting a cleaning service is a great business venture if house cleaning is up your alley. You would be amazed by the number of people who would rather pay for house cleaning than do it themselves. For this business, a neat trick is to begin with a lower rate than most. Once you have built up your clientele, you can charge a nominal rate while hiring other cleaners to help you out.

15. Tutoring Service

If you have a knack for explaining subjects in layman’s terms or are an experienced teacher, then you should take to tutoring. You can consider home tutoring or online classes. At the most, you would require a laptop or computer with a reliable internet connection.

16. Handyperson Business

You can always offer simple handyman services to people in need of it. This includes menial jobs like helping someone in your locality move their furniture or even taking up simple painting, plumbing, or cleaning jobs. You would not believe the number of people willing to save on the cost of hiring a professional to do a simple job that they would rather not do themselves.

Being a business owner, it is important for you to think about how you can minimize the impact of financial insecurities on your business. Consider getting small business insurance or business insurance Australia to protect yourself from such risks. To learn more about business insurance, click here.