5 Patio Ideas for your Brisbane Home

Patios are a place where one can disconnect themselves from all the worries, be it work or family. They also add more beauty to a house if appropriately designed.

Patios in Brisbane have a lot of significance and people leave no stone unturned to make them look exquisite.

If you are planning to contact contractors for making patios in Brisbane, you should first have an idea about your needs. However, it can be daunting to shortlist pictures for people with packed schedules. But not anymore, as you will get five unique patio ideas in this article.

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Why Is It Necessary to Shortlist Patio Ideas Beforehand?

Most people don’t understand the importance of research and directly call contractors to design their patio. Having a vague idea about your needs and requirements isn’t enough. And this isn’t a good practice because the outcome might not be according to your imagination.

Below are a few pointers from that you understand the necessity of shortlisting patio ideas-

  • You will have a pictorial representation of your needs, which is always better than words.
  • It will eradicate any chances of miscommunication between you and the contractor.
  • It helps you understand the recent patio fashion trends.
  • You will be able to shortlist contractors easily.
  • You will get the patio of your dreams.

5 Excellent Patio Ideas

Patios in Brisbane are more like a second living space for its citizens. They are a part of your home but still have a completely different vibe. And a good design will constantly add more positivity to the space. But finding a good patio design isn’t easy these days because there are an overwhelming number of options.

But the task has been made easier now. Here are some aesthetic patios ideas, have a look-


If you want to relish the sunshine and still stay in some shade, this idea is for you. This design will allow you to keep some beautiful plants on your patio.

So, this design will keep you closer to nature as it will be near your garden space. Make sure to mention the size of the furniture you want to stay there.


If you love watching the night sky, this idea is for you. It includes a transparent ceiling that will keep you safe from rain but let you enjoy the atmosphere.

It is one of the most minimal patio designs on the list.


Do you love eating your meals in natural surroundings but have less space? If yes, then this pick is best suited for you. Unlike what is shown in the above image, you can use a small portion of your garden space and ask the contractor to design it.


This idea is for people who have a villa with a big garden and want their patio to be spacious.

The benefit of this design is that you can even hold dinner parties on such a spacious patio.


Do you want your patio to be just a door away from your house? If yes, then this idea is for you.

The bonus about this design is that it won’t take much effort or a separate space. You can show the above image to your contractor and mention your requirements.

Summing It Up

People love to enjoy the healing rays of the sun and beautiful night skies from a comfortable space. And there is no better space for this than a patio.

Now that you have some fantastic ideas handy, contact the best patio contractor and designer in Brisbane today.