Ace Your Job Interview in Australia

Job interviews are some of the most nerve-wracking events in a person’s life, especially because of their make-or-break nature, where there is no turning back with the results. But like all challenging things, job interviews are not impossible to conquer.

Good interview etiquettes are the easiest ways to show employers that you are worth a shot in job interviews, especially in Australia, where competition is tight as many aspirants, including those from overseas, want to present their best selves. Of these etiquettes, dressing the part brings in the first impression. In other words, for women, arriving at the company in proper women’s workwear in Australia will surely make a good first impression to future employers.

Make Your Mark

Women’s workwear in Australia usually consists of formal business, smart casual, and business casual. In this regard, showing up in a job interview wearing these clothes will surely make a statement, telling the employer your eagerness to be part of the company. As cliche as it sounds, first impression lasts, and looking your best self by following the Australian business dress codes will surely make a good first impression to Australian employers.

Look Confident, Be Confident

No matter how you feel about the interview, looking at your best self will boost your confidence. While it may initially be a pretend confidence by dressing confidently, it will soon be true confidence that comes from within as you become more assured of yourself throughout the interview.

In addition, by presenting yourself through power dressing in women’s workwear, future employers will be more convinced of your answers to their questions, thus giving you the edge over other applicants. Certainly, an applicant who dresses well will be easier to look at, and in turn, listened to, than someone who dresses sloppily. Being listened to leads to a sense of validation, contributing more to the boosted morale, which will help in acing your interview.

Adherence to Rules

While it is true that looks do not exactly reflect a person’s abilities, showing up in proper clothing shows future employers that you understand and follow protocols by showing them that you respect dress codes which is one of these protocols. It thus potentially send a message to the employer that you will not be a problematic employee in the future.

In addition, by dressing professionally, you give the interviewer the idea that you also professionally do your job, as you made an effort to dress the part. It gives the interviewer the idea that you are in control and can manage your time well because dressing properly requires extra effort and time, which the interviewer may consider that you will bring into the work.

Still, Be Comfortable

Despite the need to power dress, being comfortable should not be compromised. There should be a balance between dressing well and being comfortable, which may be achievable by choosing the right products from the right brand.


Acing your job interview in Australia entails showing your future employees that you have a good work ethic by giving them a good first impression. One of the surefire ways to do this is by dressing the part. For women, dressing in good women’s workwear shows confidence, professionalism, and eagerness to get the job. Check out Oxford’s collections for women’s workwear which can follow the dress codes in Australia while still ensuring comfort for the one wearing the clothes.