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Choosing the correct eye shadow

Not all eye shadow colors go along with green eyes. Shades of violet and lavender, mixed with reddish or pink hues suit women with green eyes the best. This is because these shades in particular help bring out the natural yellow, golden tint in green eyes. Another way to feature such eyes is to use purple eye shadow, layered with shades of brown or bronze. This color combination draws attention to the bluish tinge in green eyes.

Eye shadow colors do not stop there- you can also use gold, peach, deep green, copper, medium pink and apricot. Eyeliners in brown, golden brown, deep purple, steel grey or black make your eyes stand out even more.

Apply Makeup Professionally

Apart from this, your eye shadow should also match your skin tone.

Experts suggest experimenting with dramatic colors such as amber, neon shades and jade, but to stay away from yellow hues, such as lemon and mustard, as these make your green eyes appear dull. Another thumb rule is to never exactly match your eye color with your eye shadow. Instead, contrasting these colors is the best. For example, a light green eye shadow would not look very good on a green pair of eyes, but a turquoise blue one would look very attractive.

Shades of silver and grey also make green eyes stand out, but you need to be careful while using these as there is always the danger that your eyes may end up looking too cold. A smoky look goes well with green eyes, and so does brown eye shadow. However, while applying such shades of eye shadow, be cautious because if your eyes are more hazel than green, then a brown eye shadow would make your eyes look deep-set.

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