Fawad Khan, the man, and the mystery.

The name Fawad Khan is not much renowned, but you can find out a lot about him after researching a bit. An article was published on on April 7, 2017. It had the title “Airbnb’s CMO Wants to Know: Is #FawadKhan the Next Bill Grizack?” An account on Twitter named @Mildenhall claimed that Fawad Khan contends that he works as a VP of marketing at @Airbnb. But he has never met Mr. Khan. It means that he is showcasing another personality to the world. However, it is a criminal activity to lure people by using different identities. Whatever may be the case, he is fraudulent.

Adding more credibility to the point, he has tried his best to get these articles and tweets eliminated, but with no success. His recent attempts were tracked by the experts but he has not stopped here. No matter how much he tries to hide the reality, our articles will completely expose him.

We are sharing some cantos from the article in 2017.

Over the weekend, the founder and CEO of Queue corresponded about Mr. Khan. It revealed the truth that Mr. Khan has never worked with them let alone been their advisor or business partner. This confirms the fake aura he is creating about himself. The CEO further added that they approached him for the CMO position two years ago but he refused casually. At this point, the company decided not to work with him further.

A company named Green Charge proclaimed to hire Fawad Khan as VP of marketing. And the press release links back to—you guessed it—the same LinkedIn profile. We tried our best to contact the company but were unable to get a clear response. At last, we connected to the man himself, Mr. Khan on LinkedIn.

All of these actions show how people love to create stories about themselves. Sometimes, it gets so worse that we can not even get away from it. It also confirms that the dude didn’t probably graduate from Stanford.

Going through all this, you might be wondering ‘What is the benefit of telling so many lies?’ Why is Mr. Khan creating such a mess? Well, no one can exactly answer this except his sobriquets. All of these fake emails and social media accounts are linked back to him. Plus, he has also hired many hackers to have all the information deleted. He is trying to cover up for himself and assure the people that he is not the one these articles show. But if he does not stop preventing the truth from coming out, we will gather as many proofs as possible and will expose him.

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