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Five essential Four Wheeling Accessories

There is an evident rise in the popularity of four-wheeling as an adventure sport. The global statistical data shows that the off-roading industry has crossed USD 15 Billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at 7% by the year 2027. People find opportunities to get involved in such experiences. Although they embark on such journeys without having proper knowledge and equipment, which leads them to troublesome situations, they find themselves helpless and unprepared. So, if you are interested in road adventures, you must have certain 4WD accessories that will help you in your experiences. The following are five accessories that you must have before starting your four-wheeling adventures.

The Bull Bar

The bull bar is the most important accessory; it is a protective shield that you must install on your vehicle. It is usually made of stainless steel (heavy but durable material) or lightweight aluminium (which is not so durable). The purpose of installing a bull bar is to protect your vehicle from severe impacts and push the heavy gunk lying on the roads. If your vehicle gets damaged during the journey, you can use the bar to tie your vehicle with another vehicle and pull it.

Tire Compressor

When you are out on an off-road experience, your tires are vulnerable to punctures and blow-ups. You must have a spare tire for such emergencies. However, there is a chance that the air pressure in your tires decreases, it is then you will require an air compressor. It will be a life-saver in such situations. However, if your tires are severely damaged, an air compressor will not help. But it will help you check on the air pressure in your tires.

Recovery Equipment

Recovery equipment consists of winches and tracks. On rough roads, your vehicle might get stuck in sticky and muddy areas. You can use the tracks to lead your vehicle out of the mud as the tracks provide traction to your vehicle. It also has winches which can be used if you have other vehicles around; you can tie your vehicle with the other one and pull it out.

Roof racks

When you go on a long off-roading trip with your family and friends, you need a lot of space to store your belongings. Hence, you must get a roof rack installed on your vehicle. There are different types of racks available in the market with additional features. You can choose the one that matches your requirements. You can use these racks to store heavy luggage or equipment bags that can not be stored inside the vehicle.

Lift Kit

A lift kit is one of the essential 4WD accessories you must install in your vehicle. It lifts your vehicle higher to provide more ground clearance. When you are driving on rough roads, you have a chance of crossing through heavy objects that can damage your vehicle’s base; in such cases, a lift kit will help you drive through these rough patches quickly.

These are the five essential accessories you must have with you if you plan to venture on four-wheeling adventures. You can find these products at stores that supply off-roading equipment. Make sure you test the products before using them and go through their user manual to understand how to use them on your vehicle. According to experts, you must also read about people’s experiences with four-wheeling as it will help you know the dos and don’ts.

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