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FSSAI food labeling regulations in India

Every food item sold in India which are pre-packed is necessary to comply with the food safety and standard regulation, 2011. The food safety and standards regulation or food license in Delhi governing body FSSAI, 2011 is a notice issued by the FSSAI, India, under the health and family welfare ministry. 

Applicability of food labeling rules

Some food labeling rules need all prepackaged or pre-packed foods to comply with the labeling rules in India. As per the regulation list, pre-packed food means food that is placed in a packet of any nature, in a manner so that the content could not be changed without tampering it and that is ready for sale to the customer.

 Labeling requirement as per FSSAI

Some of the following labeling requirements that must be complied with by all pre-packed food sold in India:

  • The label should not have information regarding the food that could be deemed false, deceptive, misleading, or otherwise create an erroneous impression for the product.
  • The label on the food packet should be in English or Hindi, or Devanagari language. Additionally, the label could contain information in any other language, as per the requirement.
  • The information or content presented in the label must be clear, indelible, prominent and readily legible by the consumer.
  • The label needs to be affixed to the containers so that it cannot be easily separated from the containers.
  • If the wrapper covers the container, then the wrapper also contains necessary information or makes the label of the article inside readily legible by not obscuring.
  • The name of the food has to be mentioned along with the trade name and description of the food contained. If the food contains more than one ingredient, then the list of an ingredient needs to be presented in descending order of the composition by weight or volume for food import license India.

In addition, there are different regulations concerning labeling which apply to different types of pre-packed foods. Therefore, it is essential to consult license experts regarding the label regulations.

 Nutritional facts on the label

Nutritional data per 100 gm or 100 ml or per serving of the food item need to be given on the label along with the following information:

  • The amount of any other nutrients that a nutrition or health claim is made is essential to notify that the fssai authorities would thoroughly scrutinize the health claim or nutrition claim made in the label.
  • The energy value in KCAL
  • The amount of carbohydrate, protein, and fats in gram or mlRead More About: tutflix

Non-veg or veg indication

Every packet containing food having “non-vegetarian” must have a symbol which is a brown color-filled circle inside a square with a brown lining outside. In cases when the food article contains egg as a non-veg ingredient, the manufacturer needs to provide a declaration that the product contains only egg add the non0veg symbol.

Packed food item containing vegetarian item consists of a green filled circle with a green boundary outside.

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