How to Homekeep when You’re Sick.

Being ill is never a fun experience. Whether you wake up with a tickly cough, stuffy nose or stomach bug- staying at home and waiting until your feeling 100% better is often the best and most given advice. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us have been forced to come to terms with two things: firstly, falling ill with Covid or general cold and flu, and secondly, being confined to the indoors. Although you may long for distraction (and a sense of escapism), staying in your house while you recover is probably the best remedy. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips on how to homekeep when you’re sick.

 Create a Cosy Space to Rest:

It’s undeniable that when you’re ill, all you want is a hug. And while healthy people may be reluctant to come near you, the second-best option is to perhaps create a warm and cosy space in which you can wind down in and rest. Whether that’s in your bedroom, living room (or both), it’s important for you to grab a few throws and blankets, a couple of pillows make the space as comfortable as possible.

The Kitchen Is Your Best Friend:

Although you may not feel like eating or drinking much, it’s important that you stay on top of your nutrition and keep hydrated. This way your body will be able to fight off viruses and bugs faster and more efficiently. If you have the energy, try to spend some time in the kitchen making foods that are going to help you get stronger and better, such as homemade soups and broth. Also, ensure your fridge is stocked up with water to keep you hydrated.

Run a Hot Bath:

Whether it’s got proven health benefits, baths are always a great way to unwind, recuperate and restore- both mentally and physically. A good idea is to run yourself a hot bath and take a nice relaxing soak for an hour or so. Don’t forget to include all the small luxuries, such as fresh towels and candles.

Open Windows:

Although you may be feeling under the weather, a good way to get some fresh air into your lungs is by opening the windows in your property on a clear day. This way you will not only feel more alive and in touch with nature, but your house will also get a flow of clean air that may be good for you and your home.

Find Distractions:

Instead of spending endless hours scrolling through social media or watching Netflix, why not get in touch with some home-based activities? Perhaps reading a book, involving yourself in some crafts work, puzzles, pamper evening or a meditation session are all ways to help your mind and body reset. Additionally, involving yourself in these things may distract you from the fact you feel ill, and may reignite some old hobbies.

Detox the Space:

Once the worst of your illness is over, it’s a good idea to detox your home. More than likely, you’ve probably been living in a house that is full of germs, dirty tissues and piles of pots and pans. To ensure that all the germs and bacteria are out of your home, why not do a deep clean of your property? Not only will this make your home feel brand new and fresh, but it may put spring in your step too.

Take Part in Self-Care:

A great way to make yourself feel better while at home is to practice self-care. Once you are feeling better, and your house has been cleaned and freed of germs, then a good way to restore normality and feelings of freshness is to take part in self-care. Do things such as changing your bedding, adding some fresh flowers to your house and lighting some candles.

Our homes can sometimes be our sanctuary and place of peace. However, there’s always opportunities to find somewhere that suits you and your lifestyle even more. If you want to find out more on how you can sell or buy a house, visit the We Buy Any House Reviews page for more information.