How to prepare for NABARD Grade-A Prelims 2021 Exam?

NABARD Grade A exams are conducted by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development every year. There are a total of 161 vacancies available for the post of Assistant Manager in Grade A and the exam is going to be held on 18th September 2021.

The selection process is conducted in three phases they are two online preliminary and main examinations and the final phase is the interview process. The preliminary exam consists of multiple-choice questions and is of a total of 200 marks. You need to complete the exam within a time limit of 2 hours.

As you already know that there is a negative marking for each wrong answer you need to prepare well for the NABARD Grade A 2021 Exam. In this article, you will learn about the tips and preparation plans that will help you while preparing for the Exam.

Before beginning, you need to know about the exam pattern.

Subject No. of Questions Maximum Marks
Reasoning Ability


            20   20
English Language


             40              40
Computer Knowledge


             20              20
General Awareness


             20              20
Quantitative Aptitude


             20              20
 Social and Economic Issues (with focus on Rural India)              40              40
Rural and Agricultural Development (with focus on Rural India)              40               40
Total            200              200


Subjects 1 & 2- First you can start preparing with Reasoning Ability and English Language.

Tips for preparing for reasoning ability section-

  • To perform well in this section, you need to have an understanding of the theories behind concepts and learn proper steps to solve questions.
  • Try to learn the shortcuts only after you have mastered statistical steps to solve questions.
  • Focus more on important topics like mathematical inequalities, data sufficiency, puzzles, circular and linear sitting arrangements, Syllogism, etc.
  • Try to keep your mind calm while practicing questions from this section.

Preparation tips for NABARD Grade A English Language section

  • To score well in this section you need to cultivate writing and reading habits. It is important to read English magazines and newspapers regularly.
  • Make a note of new words and learn their usage and meaning.
  • Improve your English grammar knowledge by practicing mock test papers.
  • Focus more on spotting the error, para jumbles, cloze tests, comprehension tests, etc.
  • Practice reading and writing essays on cultural, economic, political, and social issues.
  • Have knowledge about the various formats of letter writing.

Subjects 3 &4- The next two subjects you can prepare for are Computer knowledge and General awareness.

Tips for preparation of Computer Knowledge Section-

  • For this section, you need to spend at least an hour daily learning about the basics of computer software and hardware.
  • Make sure to learn all the terminologies related to the history of computer generations, MS Office, Internet networking, etc.

Tips for preparation of General awareness section-

  • Preparation for this section begins with reading magazines and newspapers daily.
  • You can also read news about the latest events related to the economy, finance, and banking. This is very important for your NABARD Grade A preparation strategy.

Subject 5- Next you can prepare for Quantitative aptitude.

Tips for preparation of Quantitative aptitude section

  • This section requires the application of many formulas. Therefore, you should remember the formulas of every chapter by heart.
  • Do not miss out on questions that are difficult to solve.
  • Revise formulas every day and learn tricks and shortcuts to solve difficult problems.
  • You need to solve a lot of practice papers from this section.
  • Focus on questions from chapters like probability, number series, percentage, mensuration, simple/ compound interest, profit & loss, data interpretation, and analysis, etc.

Subjects 6 & 7– Lastly, you need to prepare for Social and Economic Issues and Rural and Agricultural Development. You can follow the NABARD Grade A preparation notes or tips given below for these subjects. 

For both the Agricultural & Rural Development and Economic and Social Issues section, you need to develop a habit of reading newspapers daily.

You can make notes on the various policies that are implemented for agricultural and rural development. In addition, you should also focus on the statistical data about rural development and the agricultural sector.

Additionally, you should also note down the information regarding social issues related to the economy, economic policies, and banking policies. The more you read and make notes on these topics the more information you can collect.

Make sure to keep adding information and important events in your notes and revise regularly so that you do not forget the facts.


The most important thing while preparing for NABARD Grade-A Prelims 2021 Exam is to solve practice papers regularly. This is every time you complete topics related to a chapter. Revise the topics regularly to remember them.

Solve NABARD mock test papers in order to have an idea regarding the nature of questions that will be asked in the exam.

Focus more on topics, chapters, and sections that you are less confident about. Analyse yourself and evaluate your own performance at every stage of your preparation.

Try to manage time effectively and solve questions within a given time limit. This will increase your speed during the exam.

Lastly, remember to rest well before the exam to remember all the concepts and avoid jumbling of information. This should help you crack the NABARD Grade A Prelims 2021 Exam. Stay Connect with Education Blogs India.