New Features on Facebook and WhatsApp

Facebook and WhatsApp are the two most popular social networking sites out there, and as a result, there’s plenty of new technology being developed to help keep users satisfied. Some of the most notable new features on Facebook and WhatsApp include the ability to send messages through SMS, live status updates, online status blocking, and even video sharing.

Little Eye Labs

Facebook acquired Little Eye Labs, an Indian startup which provides tools for developers to improve the performance of their mobile applications. The company is based in Bangalore and was founded by four technology professionals. They called themselves the “ions” and wanted to help a new generation of mobile app developers solve problems in their industry.

In April, Little Eye Labs launched its Android app to analyze application performance for mobile developers. The monitoring tools will also track the impact of active hardware and processes. Currently, the team plans to continue offering its platform for free until June 30.

In addition to the Venture East Fund, which invested $200,000-300,000 in Little Eye Labs, the company is backed by GSF Superangels. This deal could open up more opportunities for startups in India, as the startup community has been struggling to attract top global tech firms.


Facebook is buying Israeli enterprise messaging startup Redkix. The Redkix team will join Facebook, and the company will be integrated into its Workplace platform.

Redkix provides users with email and team messaging tools. It has offices in California and Israel, and has raised about $17 million in venture capital. In addition, Redkix recently launched an interface that links together several different features.

Facebook, which is in the midst of building a stronger presence in the enterprise software sector, acquired Redkix for its technology and the company’s talented talent. The purchase, which is expected to close by the end of September, was reportedly valued at less than $100 million, according to a source close to the deal.

WhatsApp’s online status blocking feature

WhatsApp recently announced three new privacy related features, including a ‘view once’ feature that lets you send photos or videos without leaving a digital footprint. In addition to this, the chat app is also launching a feature that will let you swap in and out of a group chat without alerting the entire community.

Aside from the usual suspects, the app also introduced the new ‘Online’ status indicator that lets you know if your contacts are currently using the app. And while you may have noticed a small blue check mark next to their name, if you really want to know what’s up, you’ll have to dig.

Video sharing feature for the Instagram generation

Instagram, a popular mobile photo-sharing app, recently rolled out a new video sharing feature. This feature will help users create video content and share it with followers. It is called Instagram Reels.

With Instagram Reels, users can create short-form video content and share it with their followers. The feature enables users to record and share 15-second videos. Users can then use the editing tools to add audio, effects, and AR (augmented reality) features.

Facebook is also testing a video sharing feature for its own platform. These tests have already been conducted in Mexico and India.

Users can record a Reel by holding their phone and clicking the camera. They can also add emojis and links. Once they upload the video, it will appear in their Explore page.