Pros and Cons of Watching Movies at Home

You don’t have to be an expert to realize that home theater is very advantageous and beneficial for you and your whole family. You don’t have to stand in a long line to buy a ticket, movie theaters are no longer the same thanks to how advanced technology is.  One of the activities to entertain yourself at home is to watch a movie. 

Advantages of a home theater

If going to experience watching your favorite movie on the big screen of the movie theater, think about the great advantages that the private cinema set up in your home has to offer:

It’s cheaper

You will undoubtedly be saving a fortune, since going to the movies requires you to spend much more than expected and with the fluctuating prices, you will run out of monthly pay in a single day.

You can go to the bathroom whenever you want

You don’t want to leave, because if you are at the movies, leaving means missing out on a good scene. If you are at home, just pause and everything is ready.

No annoying people

One of the great advantages of home theater is that you won’t have to put up with annoying people who talk, check their cell phones, eat very loudly, and don’t let you listen to the movie. Sometimes being around people is tedious. With a home cinema, you can also install a home audio system with small but high-quality devices like McIntosh mc152 that can fit perfectly and give you the theater sound experience. 

No crying children

I still don’t understand why parents take their young children to the movies. They are such a nuisance! They just cry and don’t let you enjoy the movie in its entirety. Now if the cinema is the comfort of your room, there will be no need to worry about those inconveniences.

You have more to eat

Something typical that happens in movie theaters is that before the movie starts you have finished all the trinkets. At the home theater, you have the power to have more food than you can hide in your bag to get into the movie theater.

Goodbye long lines 

It is customary to wait in a long line to buy your tickets, and even more so if it is a day where tickets are half price. At home theater, no need to wait in a long line to buy your tickets. Forget that!

Invite your friends

Since the room is in your house, you can invite all your friends. A casual movie gathering at your house will be a fun activity, plus there will be more laughter and triple the fun.

Disadvantages of a home theater 

There aren’t that many downsides, but it still has just a few minor tweaks.

Movies are not current

If you want to see the movies that are in theaters, you are at a great disadvantage. You will have to wait for it to be on DVD, on Netflix or download it when it is available.

You need a large TV

If you plan to invite more people, it is best to have a big screen where everyone can watch the movie and have a good experience. It won’t be like a movie theater but it will be worth it.

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