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Road Trips Can Lead to Dangerous Accidents With Big Trucks, How to Stay Safe

How to Stay Safe While Driving Next to Big Trucks

There is no doubt that trucks are the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Large trucks are difficult for drivers to maneuver in an emergency due to their high center of gravity and large turning radius, which can cause catastrophic collisions. In this post, you will know exactly why they’re so dangerous and some strategies for staying safe from them. Also, in case of an accident, you will know whether it’s best to contact a truck accident lawyer in Colorado.

What are the Safety Tips to Consider While Travelling Next to Big Trucks?

Here are some strategies you can use while on a road trip to avoid collisions with trucks:

Drive Safely

When sharing the road with large trucks, it is imperative to practice defensive driving. Defensive driving entails maintaining a high level of vigilance while behind the wheel, limiting your speed when necessary, preparing for the unexpected, and being ready to respond to the actions of other motorists.

Keep a Wider Following Distance Behind a Truck

You can’t see as far ahead with a heavy truck, so things like traffic jams, road construction, and other hazards are more likely to catch you off guard. Keeping a safe distance from the truck in front of you gives you more time to respond in the event of an unexpected hazard.

Avoid Truck Blind Spots

A straightforward way to determine whether or not you are in a truck’s blind spot is to check the vehicle’s side mirrors. It’s safe to assume that the truck driver can’t see you if their face is obscured in the rearview mirror. If you must pass a truck, do it on the driver’s side for safety. On the passenger side, their blind area is significantly larger. If a truck is on your right, you should switch lanes and pass on the left.

Stay Focused on the Road

Long trips in the car, especially on the highway, can be tedious. But don’t let yourself get too sleepy or preoccupied behind the wheel. Remember that every other driver on the road feels the same way. Make sure you have your preferred travel entertainment prepared ahead of time, whether that’s a decent playlist, audiobook, or podcast. Please refrain from using a phone or adjusting the radio while driving.

Try Not to Cut Off a Truck

Even though it’s common sense to avoid cutting off huge vehicles, many accidents involving trucks still happen because drivers ignore this warning. Considering the longer stopping distance of trucks, you shouldn’t merge lanes with one until you can see the complete front of the truck cab in your rearview mirror.


Trucks are formidable machines, and we’ve covered some practical strategies for avoiding collisions. Because of the complexity and severity of truck accident cases, hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer in Colorado is important.

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