Sneaker Terms that every Sneakerhead should Know

As of 2021, the Australian sneaker industry is expected to be worth AUD 2 billion. As one of the world’s most trendy cities, Sydney is well-known for having many young people who are excited about sneakers. Rare sneakers in Sydney have swiftly risen to the top of the list of most profitable investment opportunities for sneakerheads and collectors. A pair of Air Jordans cost $260 when first released a year ago, but their worth has already risen to $700. The sneaker world, like many other subcultures, has developed its slang language. It is a worldwide slang that sneakerheads all over the globe use to describe their footwear. Those who are interested in collecting collectables must be knowledgeable about the items they are interested in purchasing.

Sneaker culture is an ever-changing environment that requires keen observation and a high level of risk tolerance for enthusiastic devotees. In essence, what seems to be popular now may not be so popular tomorrow. However, several historical terms and acronyms must be mentioned, which may be unfamiliar to those new to the game. Listed here is a concise dictionary including all of the uncommon sneaker slang terms that one could encounter.

  • AF1

The Nike Air Force One, often known as the AF1, is one of the company’s most well-known shoes ever produced. They manufactured and launched it in 1982, using the iconic Nike Air technology, which is still in use today. Since its introduction, this iconic sneaker style has gone through over 1,700 material and colour changes, making it one of the most collected pairs of shoes.

  • AJ1

A design by Peter Moore, the AJ1 or the Air Jordan 1, was created for basketball great Michael Jordan in 1984 and became recognised worldwide after the release. When it was first released, it had already achieved legendary status, and it has remained popular ever since. Additionally, Nike brought back the design and re-released it in 1994, 2001, 2004, and from 2014 to 2019 under the retro label. It is one of the most treasured pairs of rare sneakers in history, and it is credited with being the catalyst for the beginning of the sneaker collecting industry.

  • Nike Air Max

Air Max is a Nike technology developed in 1987 to give optimum impact protection during recurrent landings, and it is still in use today. Every year, the 26th of March is designated as Air Max Day to recognise the brand’s widespread popularity.

  • Beaters

Everyone has a pair of everyday sneakers that they wear without thinking about the condition or freshness of the shoes.

  • Bespoke

Nike’s Bespoke shoe is a one-of-a-kind creation created at the company’s 21 Mercer location. Customised shoes featuring customised mixes of materials, finishes, stitching, and labels are available, allowing customers to have an entirely new sneaker experience. The phrase translates as ‘made to measure’ or ‘made to order.’

  • Boost

Adidas’ Yeezy, Ultra-Boost, and other similar shoes have a cushioning technology known as Boost, which is found in their structures.

  • Bred

A frequent colour combination featured in Air Jordan shoes, namely black and red, has been bred into a new generation of sneakers. It is similar to the colour used by the Chicago Bulls, who play in the NBA.

  • Bricks

The market has a glut of rare shoes that were previously in great demand, which individuals acquired at a premium price but cannot resale for a decent profit. Bricks are used to describe a pair of shoes that has remained stationary, similar to bricks without a decent resale value.

  • Colourway

It is the term used to describe the primary colour combinations used in a pair of shoes that distinguish them from their counterparts from the same brand and model. The colourways of the sneakers are often used as the inspiration for their nicknames.

  • Cop

The term ‘cop’ is used in the sneaker community to denote the purchase of a pair of sneakers.

  • Customs

Artisans and manufacturers make bespoke designs to meet specific requirements by adapting an existing model. Variations in the colours, patterns, and materials are possible with these items. Customs is the name given to them.

The opportunity to purchase rare sneakers in Sydney is available to all sneakerheads, as they can have access to uncommon models on famous and reliable websites.