Startups and Start-Ups in India

In today’s day and age there are a lot of great options for you to choose from when it comes to learning Startups. It is important that you do your homework in order to find the right option for you. For example, you will need to find out what is available for learning in India.


Byju’s is a edtech startup in India that provides a wide range of learning content to school-going children. It uses videos and games to help students learn subjects ranging from math to science.

It’s one of a number of online learning platforms in India. Some have introduced new classes to their users for free, while others charge for their services.

Byju’s has over 57 million registered users, including a large number of paid subscribers. The app helps students prepare for competitive undergraduate and graduate courses.

Byju’s has been growing rapidly over the past year. In May, the company reported a revenue increase of almost two-fold. And in March, it added six million new students.

This growth has triggered questions and scrutiny. Some media reports have said that salespeople at Byju’s misled parents. However, the company’s spokesperson has declined to comment on the topic.

Apna app

The latest buzz is around a small start-up called Apna. Founded in May of 2014, it is a mobile app that lets job seekers and employers connect. To date, it has helped over 5 million users find jobs, and it is currently active in over 28 cities in India. It also has over 150,000 employers.

It’s not all about the money though. While the app may not be for everyone, it has provided a sense of pride to a lot of people who had been out of the workforce for years. Many of them are from villages in the south Indian state of Kerala. For a lot of these folks, the best way to make a go at life again is to learn new skills and use the nifty App to help them along the way.


Unacademy is an online learning platform which aims to help millions of students prepare for competitive exams in India. The company operates a virtual classroom with over 10,000 registered educators. It provides its users with live classes, interactive quizzes, and a range of educational content. Educators are paid a flat monthly rate, which allows them to provide lessons to hundreds of students at a time. In addition, it is the only online platform in the country which allows students to watch live classes taught by educators.

The edtech industry in India is projected to reach $35 billion in six years. Unacademy is just one of many companies operating in the space. Another popular platform is Byju’s, which focuses on competitive under-graduation level courses. The site has over 30 million subscribers, and boasts courses from kindergarten to year 12.


Teachmint, India’s leading online teaching platform, has received an investment from venture capital firm Learn Capital. The firm has previously invested in Udemy and Coursera, among other edtech companies. While the firm is focused on expanding its offerings, it remains committed to localizing the product for the needs of the Indian education market. Currently, the product is available in 10 languages. It allows teachers to conduct live classes, webinars, and doubt-clearing sessions. They can also collect fees and take attendance. Since its inception last year, the company has signed up over 700,000 teachers. Despite its early stage, the startup has already made significant inroads into the India market. This growth has allowed Teachmint to secure an $16.5 million Series A funding round.

With a strong, localized product and a focus on the Indian education market, the company has been able to secure the backing of a venture capital firm. Although the startup is still relatively small, its success is a sign that the tech industry is gaining momentum in India.