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The First Steps for Smoky Eye Makeup

The smoky eye is an ageless look that can be perfected with the right technique. The key to perfect smoky eyes lies in skillful blending. Before you start the application, ensure that you have the right equipment to master this look. You may need a smudge and blending brush in addition to the applicator and eye liner brush.

The very first step in smoky eye makeup is to apply the thetotal concealer. Any dark circles under your eye should be concealed very effectively before you start working on the look. Since this look involves the use of dark shades, the dark circles under your eyes can skew the entire makeup unless they are hidden completely.

When you are choosing your concealer, pick one that is one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone or an orange concealer if you have very dark circles underneath your eyes. Using eye makeup primer is also a good option to get that perfect smoky eye look. These come in powder and cream form and they help the eye shadow stay on longer.

How to Apply Makeup

Professionally makeup from getting smudged beneath the eye lids. This helps you maintain that perfect smoky eye look all through the evening. Wipe primer across the eye and let it dry thoroughly before you get on to the next step. Next, apply foundation all over your face and finish it off with loose translucent powder or even a color powder, if this is what you prefer. Just make sure that the powder is the same color as your skin tone and not darker or lighter.

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