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The same-sex love spell – What to do to help each of the zodiac signs become an amazing lover

Most sexual horoscopes claim some zodiac signs are better and more skilled lovers than others, as if they have some innate talent for it, while the rest are doomed to be bad in bed, but we, along with the author of , disagree. We believe anyone can become an amazing lover regardless of their zodiac sign.

ARIES. They are believed to be skilled lovers who are always great in bed. But sometimes they fail and they know it, so they can feel quite insecure, too. To boost their sexual performance, no same sex spells are needed. You should just let Aries be in control and follow their lead. This is the only way to help Aries be at their best. Do not be afraid of anything as both your satisfaction and safety are the top two priorities for Aries.

TAURUS. They are great lovers and are quite easy to satisfy sexually. Many people dating Taurus enjoy satisfying their partners but this is a mistake. Taurus tends to get bored easily. If you give Tauris only good-quality sex, he or she will eventually lose interest in it. So it is a good thing to satisfy Taurus partially. If you do that, Taurus will be the most passionate lover you have ever had.

CANCER. Being shy people, they usually find it very difficult to relax in bed and just enjoy sex. So your goal is to help Cancer relax. It is not very difficult to do. Just tell Cancer that he or she is the best lover you have ever had and you love everything done to you in bed. Besides, also remember that Cancer feel comfortable only if there is no one around and they do not like spontaneous sex in unusual places. Many of them need to have the light off while having sex and the blinds should be closed, too. Just do as they want and they will act as if under a love spell for same sex.

LEO. They care more about the impression they make on you in bed rather than their own pleasure. So to encourage Leo and make them show how passionate they really are, try to criticize Leo a little but be careful. Give Leo 4 out our 5 points. That way, Leo will do everything they can to prove they are the best. On the other hand, Leo have difficulty admitting their fault and dealing with difficulties, so they can as well run away.

VIRGO. These people are very altruistic so your Virgo partner will think more about you than himself or herself. So let your partner know you like everything he or she does in bed and that is how you can encourage Virgo to focus on themselves, too. At first, there are sure to be some experiments because before that Virgo had no opportunity to try what he or she wanted to try, so be patient. Eventually, your partner will start doing what you like again and this time Virgo will be doing it as best as they can, becoming an equal partner in your sexual game.

LIBRA. They are so selfish in bed that sometimes it seems like a same sex attraction spell has been put on them making them act recklessly and carelessly. To make Virgo try harder, punish them by refusing to have sex with them every time they totally forget about your sexual needs. To let them be who they are, remember that they are clean and neat freaks so try to make your bedroom sterile for them and you will be rewarded for it.

SCORPIO. They need to be the winner in everything. So declare a war or announce a competition if you want, to see who is a better lover. Scorpio would love it and show you how great they are in bed no matter how tired they are. Try new things in bed once in a while to make it more fun and remember that you should let your partner both, win and lose.

SAGITTARIUS. They are quite phlegmatic when it comes to sex because they usually do what the partner likes. To turn them on, let them be who they are. To this end let your partner have risky sex – have sex in a public place where you can be seen or at the rooftop of the highest building in the city.

CAPRICORN. It is quite easy with this sign. In brief, when it comes to sex, it is the longer the better. So do your best to make sure your sexual intercourse does not end in twenty minutes. Let Capricorn know they can have sex with you for as long as they want and they will show you things you have never done before. In addition, responsibility kills their sex drive so let Capricorn know you do not care what happens afterwards.

AQUARIUS. The button starting their sexuality is a long and gentle foreplay slowly turning into a passionate and mind-blowing sex. Just remember that Aquarius can show you who they really are only if you love them or they think you love them. Love and sex always go together for this zodiac sign and they can get very upset if they happen to have sex with someone they do not love and who does not love them.

PISCES. They are quite sophisticated people but they like rough sex. Thus, Pisces women are attracted to masculine partners who are only interested in getting and never giving sexual pleasure, while Pisces men are attracted to confident women who are slutty in bed. But remember that if you act like this, your relationship can be as good as one under a same-sex love spell only if your sex drive is as high as that of your Pisces partner. And Pisces have a very high sex drive, even though they are usually hiding it. Check more

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