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The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide For Beginners

You’re not supposed to have one mattress all your life; experts even suggest that you should be replacing your mattress regularly every 6-8 years. A worn-out mattress isn’t exactly ideal. Do you still want to suffer in that cranky, lumpy, and old bed of yours? If not, you’re in for a long haul of mattress shopping.

By now, you should be preparing your pen and paper because we’re about to show you the tips and tricks on how to pick the perfect mattress. A mattress should not only provide good comfort, and as a consumer, you should not be overlooking other factors of what makes a good bed.

Deciding on what to buy does not come overnight; it’s a long process but a worthwhile one if you want to achieve hours of good sleep. Here’s a list of things you should consider if you want to enjoy a bed in harmony with your lifestyle. If you want to experience sleep that’s toss and turn free, then read on!

Be aware of the size you want for your mattress.

Although it’s always best to stick with the enormous bed out of the bunch, it would be a hassle to replace it if you’ll find out that it’s too big for the room you’ll be putting it in. There’s a wide variation of mattress sizes. Some can even go up to 183 X 213.5cm like a California King, and some start small from a 76.2 X 190.5cm, which is perfect for those that prefer a smaller space.

Be curious about what materials were used to know their quality.

Everything is literally provided on the internet, so the materials used for your mattress will probably appear. You can also determine whether it’s made with exquisite quality and will last you for a good time which the best mattresses typically possess. Beds are usually composed of latex, fiber, textile, polyurethane, ticking, and other stuff.

Be mindful of all the different types of mattresses.

Walking in a mattress store, you’ll be surprised by how many types of mattresses there are. Innerspring mattresses are famous for their steel coils that compact when you put some weight on them.

Foam beds can also be a great addition to your bedroom; latex ones help with pressure but not to the extent that memory foams can, although they’re much more bouncy. Hybrid mattresses are a combination of latex foam, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses.

Be updated with your healthcare provider.

If you’re ever suffering from severe pain in various parts of your body, it’s probably best to check with your doctor. If you’re going through pregnancy, it’s recommended to opt for an equally soft and firm mattress because pregnant women tend to sleep on their sides. Hence,  Orthopedic memory foam mattresses are said to be perfect for them.

Be wary if it matches well with your preferred sleeping position.

Different types of comfort are required for every kind of sleeper. Hybrid Mattresses give extraordinary relief for stomach sleepers by conforming to providing full support, which is ideal for those who sleep on their stomach. People that sleep on their side are much more comfortable sleeping on a softer bed like a Memory Foam.

Since memory foams are made of polymer polyurethane which provides extra cushioning for your hips and shoulders, for people that sleep on their back, Latex memory foam, traditional memory foam, and memory gel foam are great options.

Be sure to check out their customers’ reviews.

Customer reviews are a significant deal-breaker when deciding to buy a mattress. They will help narrow down your options. You will also be made aware of the pros and cons of a specific mattress.

It will help you get a clear idea of the product before actually committing to buying it. This will certify credibility and will influence much of your decision.

Be wary of the warranty policy.

This will assure you that the product you will be receiving will be free of defects. It will reassure you that the product is of good quality. Also, it will give you the right to ask for a replacement or repair to manufacturers depending on the implied issue.

Be sure to secure a trial period.

You’re in luck because particular mattresses will allow you to give their product a spin for a certain amount of time before fully deciding you’ll stick with it. Some give out trial periods from 30 nights to a whole year.

Be firm with your supposed budget.

The importance of research comes in handy with this part because before even deciding on your desired mattress, you should be ready to splurge on a considerable amount. After all, beds tend to cost a lot.

Be sure to buy it at the best time.

There are seasons in which mattresses are sold with discounts and sales. Shop for a bed at the most prime times, such as the holiday weekends.


Now, we leave it all up to you on which mattress you’re firm on buying. We hope this article helped you in your decision.  Be sure to check out other articles discussing different types of mattresses! Visit this site

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