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Tips to prepare for class 10 board exams 

Every year students take up 10th std board exams, it is the time where life challenges begin for the students. It gives another level of anxiety.  There’s nothing to be stressed about because stress can even deteriorate your score in your board exam. 

The first, the most important thing is you need to believe in yourself that you will ace/make it.

Second of all  make notes from the time 10std classes start and always make clean notes(detailed answers), to avoid difficulty in reading while revision

If you are taking tuitions, please don’t rely only on the tuition notes or class notes. Always read textbooks since most of the questions asked in the board exams are from textbooks (NCERT) only. Here is the CBSE Class 10 Syllabus.

Subject wise strategy:

  • Math: if you like this subject, then it will soothe your mind and make you feel relaxed, now coming to the subject, start the chapters with help of your teacher and develop concepts first. Prepare a concept copy and write all the concepts in that copy creatively, because attractive copy develops visual connection and you will be able to retain whatever you have studied for a long time.

Do not mug up the formulas instead practice a large number of problems to learn the formula. Practising will make you perfect, without practice you can’t learn math.

NCERT problems are of a high standard and need good practice to solve them so develop a good understanding before solving them.

Try to teach your friends who need help in the subject, teaching makes your concepts stronger and you even learn a lot from them.

  • Physics: Try to apply this subject to your everyday life; this will help you better understand the notion. Instead of mugging up, strive to read and comprehend only. Also, when it comes to formulae, attempt to solve a large number of problems; this will help you understand your formulas more quickly. Attempt to deduce those formulas as well. Do all NCERT book sums at least three times (helps if you forget the formula). It’s a simple subject if you understand the concepts and know-how to do basic math.
  • Biology: Focus on reading and analyzing the answers rather than remembering them. In an exam, you do not have to write exactly from books; you can write in your own language. Follow NCERT’s book to the letter; The content is excellent when it comes to biology. If you’re having trouble understanding a topic, consult the side book. DRAW FIGURES WHERE APPLICABLE. Solve all of the NCERT questions twice or three times. REMEMBER TO TAKE NOTES WHILE READING.
  • Chemistry: If you pay attention to this subject, it will become your favourite. It is a simple subject for people who pay close attention to it, but it is challenging for others who do not. Learn the periodic table up to the number 30. Instead of mugging up, build concepts. 3 NCERT questions to solve. Completely read the NCERT book. 
  • History – Simply follow the NCERT book for this topic to the letter. Solve all of the book’s problems in your own language. In history, answer point wise always keep in mind that the points should be different words to write the same thing, Make your own notes using the Ncert book.
  • Geography: Take notes from the NCERT book and revise them on a regular basis.

At least 20 map questions should be practised. Answer all of the NCERT book’s questions.

  • Political-science: A fascinating topic. Read it and compare it to current events in the Indian economy. Improve your comprehension. Make self-reflection notes and edit them on a regular basis. Complete all of the NCERT questions.
  • Economics: Another fascinating topic. Make a connection to actual life, and then you’ll be able to comprehend. Prepare using the NCERT book. Learn data and try to include it in your exam. Complete all of the questions in the book and make self-recorded notes.
  • English: It is a crucial topic. Prepare the grammar section well because it will improve everything you write. Prepare to understand prose and poetry. Understanding prose and poetry is essential as it will assist you in answering high-level and inside questions without mugging up. This subject, particularly the grammar section, requires extensive reworking. As a result, make sure to review it on a frequent basis
  • Hindi: Prepare thoroughly for Hindi grammar. Preparing comprehension from poems and prose will help you improve the quality of your replies. Punctuation should be emphasized. Because in Hindi, punctuation is crucial. The same can be said for other second languages. 


Study to apply the knowledge even in the future instead of studying just to ace the exam. Don’t mug up without knowing what you’re doing. Finally, ensure that your writing is nice. Also, 

  • Present a response that is distinct from others.
  • Solve at least two practice tests in an exam setting for each subject.
  • Follow NCERT as much as possible.
  • Find a good tutor for private lessons.
  • Make self-recorded notes on all subjects.

We are confident that if you follow these rules, you’ll be able to get excellent grades. All the best! 

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