Submitting an assignment online – Things you should Cross-check

Our life has gone through a drastic change Because of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the biggest examples of this change is online education. Today students and teachers have to engage with each other through digital mediums.

Even the assignments and other academic tasks are submitted online. The main problem that has occurred in online submission of assignments is low quality and plagiarism. Assignment writing is an important task in a student’s life. It is important to put extra effort into creating the best quality assignments for better grading.

As a student, you have to make sure that you cross-check and consider many essential points before submitting an assignment.

In this short article, we will tell you about the important points you have to pay attention to before making the submissions.

Important Tips before making an assignment submission!

There are many factors and points that you have to consider when creating and submitting an assignment, and here in this section, we have listed out the common ones.

1. Grammar check

As a student, you have to make sure that your assignment quality is up to the mark. You have to ensure that you have formed the right sentences and your work is grammatically correct. Grammatical errors are simply going to ruin the quality of your assignments and can result in lower grades.

So whenever you are sending or submitting an assignment online, you have to make sure that it is checked for all sorts of grammatical mistakes and errors. You can use modern grammar checker tools like Grammarly and Hemmingway to ensure that your work is clear and of good quality.

2. Plagiarism check

Plagiarism is a common issue that we have seen in online submissions of assignments. Many students plagiarize because they think that teachers don’t have the technology to check their work for duplication. But you should know that today technology has become so advanced, and there are tons of plagiarism detector tools that can catch your work for duplication.

As a student, you need to understand that your work can get accused of plagiarism both because of intentional or unintentional cases of duplication. Using an online plagiarism checker like the one offered by Duplichecker can help you check your assignments for all sorts of plagiarism, and that too for free. Plagiarism detector tools can be used to authenticate your work’s originality and for removing any unexpected traces of plagiarism.

3. Word count check

When you submit an online assignment, you have to make sure that the word count set by the teacher is kept intact. If you are told you create an assignment of 500 words, you have to stick to this word count limit. Going beyond this would not impress the teacher. Rather it would only piss them because you would be increasing their workload. So when you are finalizing the assignment and submitting it with your teacher, you have to make sure that you check the word count and remove all the unnecessary content, if there is any.

4. Check Citations

When you are creating an assignment, you are surely taking references from other sources. If you don’t want to give a shady impression to the teacher, then you have to make sure that you properly cite all of these sources at the end of the assignment. Checking the citations is very important as they can also cost accusations of plagiarism. If you haven’t kept track of reference articles before, you can surely use the online plagiarism detector tools to find the exact source you have to cite. Also, know that the referencing style should be done according to the prescribed rules.

5. Check the grading criteria

Checking the criteria of grading is very important when you are submitting an assignment. You have to ensure that all the zones and requirements of the teacher are kept up and are intact. These can include the style of text, the font style, the font size, the table of contents, the table of images and other stamping factors. You have to cross-check whether you have completed all the requirements of the teacher. By checking the criteria in time, you would still have the time to improvise.

6. Check slang content

You must never use slang or informal text in an academic assignment. Jargon and slang can put a very bad impression on the teacher’s mind and affect your work’s seriousness. If you don’t want to end up having a bad grade and negative marking because of slang and jargon, you have to check and remove them before submission.


By checking these elements in your assignment, you can easily get an opportunity to improve it without facing rejections or negative grades. If you want your assignment to be accepted and rewarded, make sure that you check all the important things listed in this post!