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Warning signs of cyberbullying to look out for

While cyberbullying exists in various forms, it can have dangerous effects on its victims. As a parent or a guardian, one must always be on the lookout to identify common signs of bullying to help their loved one cater to this issue. Here are a few common ways through which you can identify whether your loved ones are becoming the target of bullying.


This is one of the most common signs that a person is getting subjected to cyberbullying. If a person seems depressed and sadder than usual then there is a high chance that they are being bullied. Something is troubling their mind which has affected their overall life as well. It can be either bullying which can lead to الابتزاز العاطفي that might be bothering the person.

Avoiding social gatherings

Has your loved one lately been avoiding any social interaction because they feel unusually threatened by human interaction? Chances are that they are getting bullied online or in real life. If they have been acting differently in public, or if they get awkward around their friends, it is a must to sit down with them and talk about what is bothering them.


If you feel like your child has been keeping stuff from you or hiding the details about their day which they would normally share, high chances are that they are getting bullied. Bullies shame their victims into believing that they are not important and that they could be a burden on their families hence children tend to hide details about their lives from their families. If you notice your child keeping stuff from you, sit down with them and talk about what might be bothering them.

Deactivating social media

If your child tends to suddenly take a break from social media and deactivate all their socials, it can be a result of something that has bothered them online. They might be trying to avoid a bully by cutting off all online connections. Or they might be avoiding content that is being posted by a bully which might be triggering. Your child suddenly avoiding the use of social media can be a warning sign of ابتزاز الكتروني and bullying.

It is a must to pay close attention to the changed behavior of your loved one because always the change is being triggered by some incident. The sooner you get to the core of the problem the sooner you can save your loved ones from the chances of getting bullied.

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