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What are HEPA Air Purifiers and their functions?

The growing air pollution levels have made it challenging to breathe clean and fresh air. The factors contributing to air pollution are constantly rising, leading to increased allergies and respiratory issues.

Apart from the air pollution outside your homes that comes from smoke, vehicles, or factory pollution, there also is a substantial amount of air pollution inside your home that consists of dust particles, pet dander, mould spores, pollens present in the air inside your home.

HEPA air purifiers provide much-needed clean and allergy-free air inside your home to take care of the same. Much of the pollen and dust particles can make one prone to allergies and sometimes severe diseases like Asthma.

Installing an air purifier in your house ensures a significant reduction in pollutants and may bring some relief for those prone to allergies. This article guides you to understand everything you need to know about an air purifier and its functions.

What are HEPA Air Purifiers?

HEPA is an acronym used for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. This designation is used for mechanical filters that can trap up to 99.97% of particles with a size of 0.3 microns or larger sizes. The HEPA air purifiers standard and certification was developed in 1983 and used effectively to standardise air purifiers.

How do HEPA Air Purifiers Function?

HEPA filters are built to last long and function effectively. The functioning process of these filters is not very complex and aims to create a pollution-free environment inside your home.

Multiple glass fibres are twisted and turned in various directions to create a maze inside the HEPA filters. The many dust and other pollutants are pass-through this maze and are circulated out in the following ways:

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  • Large particles like dust, mould, or pollen travel through a straight path inside the filter, hitting the fibre and sticking to it. This is the most direct impact of pollutants inside the cleaner.
  • When the particle is larger than the airstream gap carrying it, it gets captured through the sieving process.
  • The airflow around the fibres is very light, and particles continue to flow through this airflow and stick to the sides of the threads.
  • The smaller and finer particles are more peculiar and precisely move inside the filter. Hence, they’re more likely to stick to the sides of the fibre.

How Effective are HEPA filters?

When it comes to reducing pollutants in the air and improving the air quality inside your home, HEPA filters are beneficial and can remove most airborne particles, allergens, and pollen. If you are prone to airborne allergies, these filters are an excellent choice.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that pollutants suspended in the air inside your home are not just limited to pet dander, mould spores, pollens, etc. Dust particles from tabletops, carpets, rugs, bedding, and curtains are also equally suspended in the air.

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It is essential to keep these areas always clean. Some of how you can keep your home clean are:

  • Vacuuming your home frequently.
  • Replacing rugs and carpets. As they contain high amounts of dust particles, pet dander, etc.
  • Change your curtains and bedding frequently and replace them with fresh ones often.

Final Words

Although the air quality is substantially decreasing with increasing air pollution, you can still reduce the adverse effects. With products like air purifiers and dehumidifiers, you can access clean air inside your home.

It is essential to take measures that don’t actively harm us or the environment that we live in. Going for a more sustainable approach will help us go a long way and enhance the quality of life.

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