What are Herbal Tablets, Benefits, and More

Ayurveda is the science beyond just medicine – it is a science about life and living. Ayurvedic principles can be followed by anyone without having to actually alter anything major in life. Ayurveda has simple philosophies which can make human beings bond with nature and live a wholesome and holistic life.

The Ayurvedic lifestyle also promotes the usage of herbs and plants for all sorts of medical treatments. According to Ayurveda, there is nothing that cannot be cured with herbs in the right proportion and a good lifestyle.

Herbal tablets, capsules, and herbal oils made from plant and natural extracts are the very core of Ayurvedic Medicine that helps in promoting well-being without the side effects and complications of western medicine, which contains numerous chemicals.

What are Herbal Tablets and How are they made?

Herbal Tablets are made from herbal extracts that are carefully chosen to target specific problems in the body. Each and every derivative of a plant or a tree is very useful as there are many medicinal values attached to every part of a plant or tree.

Ayurvedic practitioners studied the characters and properties of these plants and herbs for years together and experimented with them to gain knowledge about their medicinal values and to bring about medicines with these herbs.

Initially, ayurvedic practitioners would handpick these herbs themselves and cleanse them and make herbal tablets and herbal oils from them by grinding them together in careful measurements and making small pellets out of them.

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The ground paste would then be used in making medicated herbal oils and for lepam – which is a paste-like formulation that can be used as an ointment for various purposes. This is how ayurvedic herbal tablets, oils, and other kinds of herbal medicines were made in earlier times.

Herbal Tablets are now made with scientific methods but follow the same ayurvedic principles. Ayurvedic textbooks and measurements are considered carefully to choose herbs from organically grown gardens and then are combined in the right proportions.

Machines are used to grind them and combine them to make tablets and capsules that are then bottled and sold. Even though modern technology is used in the preparation and packaging process, the same ayurvedic traditions and principles are followed by the companies to make effective herbal tablets and other ayurvedic medicines.

Benefits of Herbal Tablets

Herbal tablets have an ocean of benefits when compared to other kinds of medicines on the market. Below are some of the most important benefits of herbal tablets over other kinds of medicines:

1. Free of Chemicals

Herbal tablets are made from herbal extracts derived from plants, fruits, trees, and other such parts. They have absolutely no chemicals and are completely organic and vegan products.

2. No Side Effects

Since the compilation is very natural and close to the earth, there are minimal to no side effects for these herbal tablets. An ayurvedic practitioner can advise on how long one needs to continue taking the tablets as most are for short periods of time.

3. No Long Term Harm

Unlike western medicine, ayurvedic tablets are completely metabolized by the body as they are made from plant derivatives with no chemicals. Therefore they do not linger inside the body and cause any long-term harm.

4. Certified Natural

All ingredients used to make ayurvedic tablets and other products are 100% natural and safe for humans. The Indian Regulatory board for Ayurvedic Products called Ayush certifies each and every product for the safety of consumption.