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What is Included in Health Test Packages?

Health test packages are an innovative and creative marketing technique that helps both the patients and the doctors equally. It is now a very creative way to enhance the testing facilities offered in some of the biggest clinical labs where most patients are referred to get their tests done. The labs have now put together a scheme that offers a combination of tests that are usually requested by a doctor when a patient goes in for a checkup. Health packages are carefully chosen to create a specific set of tests that can help monitor the patient’s health in a comprehensive manner.

How are Health Test Packages offered?

The best place to get a health package is either from a hospital or a clinical or pathology lab that does routine tests for almost all disorders. Most labs have all facilities such as all kinds of clinical and pathology tests, all kinds of scans, trained and export testing facilities, expert technicians, necessary accreditations etc. The best way to get a health test package is to simply walk into a lab and get to know their packages. These tests are very simple and can be taken for one’s own self or for a family member, with or without a doctor’s reference. Most tests are just for the patients to keep a status check on their own health. Until and unless they feel the need to show the tests to a doctor, they can continue to take routine tests every year to ensure good health. Some examples are Blood Glucose tests, Lipid tests, thyroid tests, Iron and HB tests etc

There are many other kinds of tests which need to be requested by a doctor and needs medical intervention to comprehend the test results such as Fertility tests, Kidney Function tests, liver function tests, arthritis profile, metabolic profile etc. These tests are often recommended by a doctor to specifically look into them so as to help diagnose and prepare treatment courses.

Health Test Package Inclusions

There are many different kinds of health packages available in the market these days. Some of the most common and popular packages are mentioned below:

1. Diabetes Tests

There are many packages in the market that help in glucose tests which is very important to keep diabetes at bay. Some of the most common health packages that offer these tests are Aarogyam A, B, C etc, Aarogyam 1.1, 1.2 and so on

2. Lipid Profile Tests

Many of the health packages also contain lipid profile tests which is important to keep a tab on cholesterol level in the body. Most of the health packages include these packages such as Aarogyam. Metabolic Profile etc

3. Cardiac Risk Factor Tests

Cardiac Risk factors are a combination of tests that allows the patient to keep a check on their heart health such as Protein tests – Apo A1, Apo b, Hs CRP etc. These are some of the tests that can analyse the long term heart health

4. Arthritis Profile

Arthritis profile helps the patient understand their chances of developing arthritis and other bone related issues in the future. These tests are included in the Metabolic profile tests and Aarogyam X and Aarogyam XL test packages.

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5. Vitamin Profile

Vitamin Profile helps in understanding the vitamin and mineral levels in the body and any deficiency that is caused by the lack of it. The Paleo package, Metabolic Package and the Aarogyam packages consists of many vitamin tests.

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