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What is the online bingo variant of 2022?

Choosing what kind of bingo games to play can be extremely tasking and tricky. There are so many different variants of bingo and all of their changes seem to be so subtle that even the slightest alteration can tip a player’s balance on whether they love it or loathe it!

Along with all the variants that are on offer, certain trends come into play as well. One year it could be all about the classic 90 ball bingo variant, other years it could be the variant on the 75 ball bingo game. With the online world being so demanding about what kind of online bingo variant is the one for you, what should you choose?!

Thankfully, we are here to guide you through the hottest online bingo variants of 2022 so that you can choose which one is the game for you and go out there to win heaps of cash!

What does it mean to be THE bingo variant of 2022?

All bingo games are striving for that top place of being the online bingo game of the year, and 2022 is no different. We all know and love online bingo, but what are the key features of being the game of the year?

  • Durability – It is quite hard to go wrong with online bingo. The games have been set in stone for a few centuries now and they are very simple. To be the bingo variant of 2022, however, an online bingo game must be durable in terms of its functionality. No messing around, no glitches, and no false wins!
  • Aesthetic – Everyone is particularly picky with their online bingo aesthetics and it does seem to travel in trends. Famously, 2017 was a year of online fantasy bingo and the games that adhered to that theme would become the online bingo game for then. 2022, however, is going down a very nostalgic 70s route and so the most popular bingo variant will have to fall into that category.
  • Gameplay – Online bingo has two major types of bingo: fast and dangerous and slow and casual. As time goes on, and 2022 is definitely no exception, players are wanting faster and snappier games.

What will the bingo variant of 2022 be?

So, we can narrow down that the bingo variant of 2022 will have to function well, be nostalgic, and have a fast tempo.

Now that we have our template, we want to introduce you to some of the online bingo games that we think could make it to be the best variant of 2022:

  1. 30 ball might make it up there because it fulfills the modern people’s wants of snappy and quick gameplay.
  2. 70 ball online bingo games tend to be a medium of both casual and quick-paced. This might not cut it for our online bingo bandits of 2022.
  3. We are sure that the online bingo variant of 2022 will have to go to the classic 90 ball bingo because it ticks the box of feeling nostalgic, whilst its popularity maintains high intensity!

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