What you should know before using Bosch drill

This article focuses on things you should know before using a bosch drill. These things are important from every perspective. A bosch drill is a high-quality equipment that is used to drill holes. The top important thing to note is the wearing of protective gear which protects an individual from getting injuries.

People use drills in different placesand therefore one needs a drill that is of good quality, easy to use, and efficient. Bosch drill is one drill that is of high quality and can be used easily but if wrongly used it can cause damage and injuries to the person using it. There are important things to note before using this drill that will help an individual. These ways include;

Wear protective gears

Bosch drill price in Kenya are affordable but before purchasing it one should own protective gear. Ensure that you have the goggles to protect your eyes. Thesegoggles help prevent any dirt or object from going into your eyes. Have gloves to protect your hand from getting injured since you will be using your hand to drill. The bosch drill has a lot of noise when turned on to protect your ears make sure that you have the ear defenders. All these gears are important for your health so it’s important to have them before using the drill.


Scanning is an important aspect to know before using this drilling machine. Scanning helps to prevent accidents and ensures that you are safe. Scanning helps identify any cables and pipes. If you drill a wall that has electric cables it will cause more damage to avoid all this one needs to scan the area that they want to drill in.

There is a small scanner that is used. If one scans the wall and the scanner shows a red light then it means that there are cables or pipes on that particular place, but if it shows green then it means it is safe to drill since there are no cables or pipes.

Safety clutch

Before using a  bosch drill make sure that the safety clutch is always on. This is important because it prevents accidents. If wrongly placed the drill can injure a person to the extent of breaking their wrist. To avoid all this make sure when using it the safety clutch is on.

Don’t drill above shoulder height

Drilling above should height is dangerous and may cause damage. If you are drilling a place that is the higher one is advised to use a platform. The platform will take you higher making the drilling process easy.

Don’t use near flammable liquid containers

Flammable liquid containers are dangerous if they are near a drilling machine. Therefore before using a drilling machine make sure that all flammable materials are not around. Make sure you also don’t carry the drill with its power code as it may be dangerous. Don’t place your fingers near the rotating drill as it may cause serious injuries.

Remove loose things

Loose things involve anything hanging around the area that you want to drill. For example, if one is drilling the wall make sure there are no curtains. Also if you have loose clothes especially around the hand make sure that they are tucked in. jewelry is also important to remove especially if it’sjewelry that is hanging as it may cause injuries.

In conclusion, a bosch drill is a powerful machine that if effectively used will be of great help. It is also important to know all the above things before using a drill as it will go a long way in preventing injuries and causing damage that would have been easily avoided. Purchasing this type of power tools is important because it works effectively and efficiently.