Working of Chainsaw and its maintenance

With the passage of time, there have been many new tools and instruments put to us like the axe, saw, wrench, nut, screw, chain saw, etc. These instruments are generally used to repair, renovate and build new things. Among all others, the chainsaw is one of the most significant tools being used for several purposes. A chainsaw is a mechanical tool with teeth set on a chain that works by moving around the blade’s edge. A chainsaw is primarily used for chopping woods, cutting tree branches, trimming the bushes, etc.

In contrast, it was originally developed by two doctors to assist in childbirth by easing the removal of the pelvis bone. But nowadays, with the discovery of proper medical devices and advanced mechanisms, chainsaw uses have been limited to turning logs into lumbers, chopping Firewood, etc. But sometimes, the chainsaw chains become loose, which needs to be repaired.

Reasons chainsaw chain becomes loose:-

There are a couple of reasons why the chainsaw chain keeps coming loose or, being technical specifically, why the chainsaw chain comes above the bar. Before addressing the stated issue, one needs to be well-aware of the following reasons and carry out the repair mechanism accordingly:-

  1. Setting up the chain- One of the most common mistakes made while setting the chain is the faulty setting up of the chain tension. The tension needs to be properly adjusted between the two bolts to lock the bar in the right position. This not only increases productivity but also increases its working life.
  2. Mechanical fault- The machine-driven devices are no doubt accurate but generally encounter a lot of mechanical faults. The tension of the device depends on the distance between the sprocket and the bar. When the chain is tightened, the tension increases the distance, but the chain is set loose due to defects. This is beyond repair and hence needs professional attention.
  3. Temperature issues- If one is located in a warm area and the chainsaw is exposed to heat, then as we know, the metal expands when in contact with heat. And therefore, due to friction, heat, the chainsaw chain keeps coming loose after prolonged use.
  4. Damaged bar- If the chainsaw’s guide bar is damaged, that may be a cause and brings a serious issue. Due to constant use, debris or wooden chips sometimes gather near the bar, and the railing loses its depth. In this case, the chainsaw needs to be replaced.

Remedial measures are taken:-

If the chainsaw chain keeps coming looseone needs to take adequate steps to tighten the chainsaw. The steps to be taken are:-

  1. The first and foremost step is to ensure proper tension. Too much or too little tension is not good for the chainsaw.
  2. The next step is to unscrew or loosen the chain and the guide bar before fixing the proper tension between them.
  3. Further next, the tension screw needs to be spotted and adjusted. If it is tightened, tension increases. If loosened tension is released.
  4. And the last step is tightening the guide bar and lifting the nose of the chainsaw to ensure even tension throughout.

Conclusion: –

After the following steps have been successfully carried, the chain should be tight. If not, the entire device needs to be replaced, and the new parts are brought and safely installed. Having a chainsaw seems easy, but maintaining it would be a tough job if not timely maintained. So, one must ensure timely maintenance routine and hence can make prolonged use.