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10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Iceland- A Complete Guide!

This article is all about the most beautiful beaches found in Iceland. Iceland is not only a home for glaciers and ice caves but also a lovely home for enchanting beaches. It is a destination with the most picturesque views that you could ever see in the entire world. A chill breeze, amazing waves, beautiful sight, and a relaxing trip in the middle of a hurried life.

List of Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Iceland:

  1. Reynisfjara Beach
  2. Black Sand Beach
  3. Diamond Beach
  4. Djúpalónssandur Beach
  5. Rauðisandur Beach
  6. Solheimasandur Beach
  7. Stokksnes Beach

8. Breiðavik Beach

  1. Búðir Beach
  2. Sandvik Beach

1. Reynisfjara Beach

Reynisfjara Beach is famously known as black sand beach though there are other black sand beaches available in Iceland with fewer tourist attractions. It is located on the south coast of Iceland with its distinctive Icelandic black sand, enormous columns of basalt, and massive waves crashing into the shore. These basalt rock formations you would have seen in a few episodes of Game of Thrones! Traditional folklore says that the reason for rock formation was once trolls trying to pull ships to the shore. You can see puffins, guillemots, and fulmars – be sure to keep an eye out for them.

2. Black Sand Beach

The Black Sand Beach is an eminent attraction that you cannot miss on your Iceland tour packages from India. The beauty is it strikes a flawless contrast with the fizz of the rolling white waves and the ocean blue water. Everyone feels that it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. And that made it to become the top attraction on the bucket list of travellers. Apart from the crystal black sand, this beach has a lot to offer you i.e the stunningly hexagonal columnar jointing shelters creates a cosy scenic picture on the beach. It is also a very dangerous place in Iceland. The swift tides and twisting waves are extremely ferocious to play a game. There are so many incidents that happened where the waves have dragged people into the ocean.

3. Diamond Beach


Diamond Beach in Iceland is one of the most beautiful natural places that everyone on the planet should visit at least once in their lifetime. I am not exaggerating but it is a worth visiting place to mesmerise. Diamond Beach is the result of glacial ice breaking off where the whole pieces break up these huge chunks of glacial ice into thousands of incredible blocks that wash up on the black sand of Iceland. The contrast between crystal white ice and the black sand makes it a breathtaking sight. Diamond Beach is home to many seals which you can quite easily spot here, so remember to glance over at the glacial river and into the sea as often as you can. You will need to about what do seals eat.

4.  Djúpalónssandur Beach


Djúpalónssandur Beach is popularly known as black lava pearl beach or lava wonderland. Djúpalónssandur Beach is once home to the largest fishing village of a peninsula which is located on the southern edge of Snæfellsjökull glacier. This destination is one of the most extraordinary regions with dramatic landscapes and must-see sights. There are a lot of Icelandic fables about this area’s rock path hiking and a beautiful lava field. Like most of the beaches in Iceland which are very dangerous, stay away from the waves since sneaker waves have been known to carry visitors out to sea. Some of the beaches in Iceland are seriously dangerous ones but you can enjoy them safely with all the precaution steps.

5.Rauðisandur Beach


Rauðisandur Beach is popularly known as the Red sand beach. It is one of the most impressive places in Iceland. The majority of the beaches in Iceland are black where this beach is the special one with lots of attractions. It stretches 10 kilometres on the south coast of the West Fjords. This amazing beach is like an instrumental play by high and low tides as well as lights and shadows transitioning from red to yellow to white to red to black. Rauðisandur has many qualities that anyone would love to experience on travel with a peaceful and photogenic place to enjoy.

6. Solheimasandur Beach


Solheimasandur Beach is most popular with the wreck of a US Navy Douglas Super DC-3 plane that lies on a remote black sandy beach-like plain. It is a famous attraction in Iceland amongst many Beaches and also a unique place for a plane crash in the country. The plane crash incident happened in 1973 and landed in the sand where everyone survived the crash since the plane didn’t fare so well, and has been sitting alone in the black sand. The famous landmark on this beach of a plane crash became so much popular after being featured in various music videos. Importantly, Justin Bieber used the crashed plane in his music video for the song “I’ll Show You” released in 2015 in which he is seen skateboarding on the roof of the crash plane. It’s also a very popular location for photographers in Iceland, don’t forget to visit this place when you are heading to Iceland.

7. Stokksnes Beach


Stokksnes Beach offers you a fantastic picturesque Stokksnes Lighthouse at the end of the causeway in the white tower with a red lantern that stands on the rocks. Vestrahorn Mountain stands proudly across the causeway of Stokksnes Beach. Stokksnes beach with the Lighthouse at the end, and Vestrahorn Mountain are becoming iconic landscapes within Iceland. When the weather is rough, the dunes and intimate landscapes patterns in the sand start to ripple and change and the grasses blow and create interesting patterns that offer opportunity for photographers.

8. Breiðavik Beach (Vik)


Breiðavík beach is popularly known as Yellow beach and is located between Látravík bay and Kollavík bay.  While this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iceland, what draws most people out here are the birds. It is also a bit of a dangerous beach in Iceland that the birds will attack you to protect its nesting area. Puffins on the Latrabjarg Cliffs would be a great sightseeing thing to do in Breiðavik beach. Visit this site to get different types of hammocks.

9. Búðir Beach


Búðir Beach is impressive with the beaches, the church, the mossy volcanic landscape, and the hotel makes for a gorgeous environment where you can wander. The conical and other mountains in the background make for a nice backdrop as well and of course, it was a wonder to just wander amidst the grass, rocks, moss, and sea.

10.Sandvik Beach


Sandvík is a long, black sandy beach that the coast is a family paradise by nature. Every visitor finds seashells, takes a walk, watches the birds, and builds a sandcastle. Like every other beach in Iceland here too everyone should be careful along the beach where the river Hofsá often flows over the sands in the spring, and as a result, quicksand can form along the beach.

That’s all about the 10 most beautiful beaches to visit in Iceland. We have come to the end of an article. Are you excited to visit all the mentioned beaches to experience the uniqueness that every beach wishes to offer you? Here we go! Check out the Iceland packages offered at Pickyourtrail and also you can even customise your itinerary based on your likes and preferences that suit you the best.

Happy Travelling!

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