4 signs of opioid addiction and alcoholism that indicate the need for drug and alcohol rehab

Are you considering going to drug and alcohol rehab for your abuse and addiction issues? If so, this is a step in your quest to become sober and happy. Not only will becoming sober help you with your physical health, but your mental and psychological health will improve as a result of not drinking any more or taking drugs.

Even if you are taking prescription drugs, the effects of doing drugs – combining them with alcohol – can cause many long-term and unwanted side effects that will harm your health for the rest of your life. Avoid any unwanted and long-term consequences of drug use and alcoholism by attending a drug and alcohol rehab center that can help you with your opioid addiction.

Let’s see a few signs to keep an eye out for in terms of opioid addiction and alcoholism that you may see in your loved ones. If you notice any of these warning signs or red flags, it is time to look into an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center in your local area so they can get the treatment that they need and deserve!

Opioid addiction is extremely dangerous. Some people end up turning to other illegal substances when their prescriptions run out. Some people even end up abusing heroin, without ever asking what is heroin? Heroin is also an opioid, but it is oftentimes cut with other dangerous substances.

Signs it is time to look into drug and alcohol rehab – if your loved one is suffering from opioid addiction and alcohol abuse!

What are opioids? Some of the most common opioids that you may find include heroin and other drugs that invoke feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Instead of suffering from physical pain that may arise from an accident or an injury, users may take heroin to induce feelings of pleasure and numb their bodies. In another instance, doctors can prescribe opiates and opioids to help with post-surgery complications or illnesses. In this case, users can become addicted without even knowing that they are reliant and dependent on this class of drugs.

But what are signs that you are addicted?

  • Taking opioids is very addictive. Some of the most common signs of being addicted to opioids are that you are restless, you have trouble sleeping, you have cold flashes, you are nauseous during the day, you have severe cravings, and you have involuntary body movements that can cause you to become fidgety and irritable.
  • Other signs of opioid addiction include physical symptoms that will cause you to appearance look different to others in your social situation some of the most common physical symptoms of opioid addiction that can indicate it’s time for drug and alcohol rehab includes constipation, slurred speech, sweating, slow breathing rates, and loss of coordination.
  • Some of the most common signs of alcoholism that can cause you to wonder if it is time to look into drug and alcohol treatment centers for your loved ones include making excuses to drink, drinking during the morning, drinking by yourself, isolating yourself or others so you can drink, drinking in secret, feeling lethargic and tired even when you are not drinking, changing your personality and appearance based on the people you spend your time with and spending more time with people who encourage your drinking.
  • Physical signs of alcoholism that are worrying include depression, anxiety, changes in weight, changes in skin color, and organ damage.


Do you notice any warning signs of opioid addiction or alcoholism in yourself or loved ones? If so, then you should look into drug and alcohol rehab to help get clean and sober!