4 Things To Consider While Choosing A Bathtub

When you move into a new house, you require many items such as furniture and a refrigerator, among others. Additionally, you might require a bathtub, just if it is old and needs to be replaced. When it comes to bathtubs, you must consider the dimensions, shapes and materials available and perfect for your home. Before you decide to pick the right one, read further to know the things to consider while choosing them.


If you want different tubs to accommodate the bathroom, it depends upon the space and material. For instance, your bathroom might have enough space for an oval-shaped freestanding bathtub rather than a round-shaped bathtub. Along with space, materials also significantly influence its style. Some bathtubs are made of materials like natural stone and copper. Let’s find out more about their styles.

  • Angled: The angled style is quite different from the oval, round and freestanding bathtub. If you want something different, then this style is suitable for your bathroom. One side of it is slopped slightly higher, and it can give you immense support on your neck and back. Its size is similar and sometimes larger than the oval and regular freestanding style.
  • Freestanding: A freestanding bathtub is a popular style, and it can accommodate easily in any space; it also appears to be vibrant in your bathroom. Furthermore, its price is similar to the other tubs available in the market.
  • Oval: An oval designed bathtub has more of a classic style, and it looks similar to a wash basin because the shape is round and symmetrical. It is popular and gives a modern look among smaller homes where the space is limited.
  • Clawfoot: As the name suggests, the clawfoot tub comprises four claws or legs at the bottom. It is a traditional style tub, which was popular since the Victorian era.


Every bathtub material differs from one another. The important factors while choosing them are price and comfort. Since all the materials have a different touch, you can test it and find the most comfortable tub. After all, you will be spending time in the tub, and your comfort is important. Let’s look at more such materials.

  • Fibreglass: Fibreglass is an affordable and durable material. It is designed with a plastic sheet, which is given the shape of a tub.
  • Porcelain: Porcelain tubs are made with porcelain enamel after layering the cast iron or stamped steel. These tubs are known for their durability and the ability to be non-porous. Due to their non-porous ability, you can be sure that the material won’t degenerate over time.
  • Acrylic: When solid sheets of petrochemicals, resin, stabilizers and dye are heated, they are formed into the shape of an acrylic tub that is reinforced with fibreglass. This tub is a popular choice, and you can find it in various sizes and styles. What’s more, the material is lightweight, non-porous and durable.


Larger tubs can be expensive than smaller ones. However, as mentioned earlier, the fibreglass material is the cheapest of any other bathtub material. Additionally, porcelain and acrylic are also considered to be affordable.

The placement of the bathtubs depends upon their style. For a freestanding tub, you get enough space to place it in the bathroom, whereas for a drop-in bathtub, you can place it near the walls or get it installed against the corners for stability. When your bathtub is placed near the wall or corners, it becomes easier for children and the elderly to access it in the bathroom.