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5 AV Applications That Can Boost Your Team’s Workflow

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current audio visual (AV) system, or install one from scratch, there are some AV applications that will boost value and ease to the everyday work life.

AV is an umbrella term that covers any type of technical equipment that are able to produce and transfer sound and visuals electronically. Items that fall under this category are microphones, amplifiers, public address, loudspeakers, digital signage processors and audience engagement. It is worthwhile to invest in pieces from quality AV providers such as BIAMP.

With the above being only a few of the applications that can be used for events, office and home, it may be challenging to decide on which pieces would be worthwhile to get.

In regard to the workplace, there are 5 AV applications that you should be aware of. Depending on the individual needs of the company, the below equipment can offer higher efficiency and productivity to the everyday work life.

Ease of use of equipment also means that it does not necessarily take a trained member of the IT team to use but can be used intuitively by all members of staff.

4 ways to improve communication and efficiency

So, here are 5 AV pieces that may be worth your while to implement in your company.

  1. Resource management. This can include anything from visitor management, host desking and room booking.
  2. Digital signage. Digital signage can play an incremental part in keeping your staff engaged and informed on the company’s and individual team member’s updates.
  3. Meeting pods. Meeting pods allow for semi-private spaces for one-on-ones, brainstorming, and focusing.
  4. Video compatibility. Making all electronic equipment compatible with video can make a huge difference with ease of communication.
  5. Interactive displays. These can bring together remote and in-office worklife with flexibility and ease.

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