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5 Interesting Tips to Bring Home the Best Latex Foam Mattress

Considering consumers’ varying tastes and preferences, different brands have started investing heavily in innovations, customizations, and everything that it takes to attract their customers and keep them satisfied. Brands are ready to go that extra mile to win over their customers’ hearts and trust by providing them exactly what they are looking for.

Similarly, different mattress brands have been manufacturing various types of mattresses and continually making changes to their mattress designs to meet the demands of their existing and prospective customers. One mattress type that usually suits everyone’s requirements is a latex foam mattress. It is an eco-friendly mattress that offers exceptional support to your body and cradles it completely. However, before you finally buy the mattress, it is essential to know enough about its composition and the specifications you need to consider. Let’s begin.

Composition of Latex Foam Mattresses

Latex is extracted from a rubber tree’s sap in its natural form. The combination of latex with either reflex foam or springs makes a good-quality latex foam mattress. These mattresses are constructed with 2 or 4 layers of latex foam and create a comfortable and supportive sleep surface.

Ideally, there are three types of latex foam – natural, blended and synthetic. Out of these three, natural latex is widely preferred as it is more eco-friendly, durable, and supportive and is an excellent mattress material option for healthy, comfortable, and undisturbed sleep compared to blended or synthetic mattresses.

Practical Tips to Buy the Best Latex Foam Mattress

1. Pain Relieving

Latex foam mattresses that you buy should provide buoyant support and gentle cushioning, helping you relieve joint and back pain and sleep comfortably. Especially if you experience joint or back pain frequently, latex foam mattresses can be a great mattress option for you.

The reason why latex foam mattresses provide exceptional support to your body is that it conforms to all your body parts, including shoulders, back, and hips. This contouring feature provides pressure relief near your lower back area and joints. At the same time, the natural elasticity of latex helps maintain natural spinal alignment by providing support to different areas of your body.

2. Hypoallergenic

The latex mattress that you choose should be antimicrobial, meaning it should be able to repel harmful microorganisms. Otherwise, if the bed is not cleaned regularly, the microorganisms such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria easily collect on the surface of the mattress, causing mildew, dust mites, and mold. Furthermore, this results in bedroom allergies and an unhygienic sleeping environment.

Therefore, if you want to sleep clean and healthy, it is advisable to go for latex foam mattresses.

3. Breathability

Ideally, if you buy a superior quality latex foam mattress, it ought to be breathable. If it is not, it might not be a good quality latex foam mattress and might not even allow you to sleep comfortably. Therefore, it is essential to choose your latex mattress brand carefully.

Natural latex foam mattresses have an open-cell structure that permits constant airflow. The foam layers in these mattresses are usually constructed with pinholes, which enhance breathability. Significantly, synthetic material mattresses tend to retain body heat while natural latex foam mattresses do not retain body heat as they have minimum to no additives. Therefore, if you want to sleep on a cool, healthy, and breathable mattress, you can choose a breathable cover made from wool or cotton.

4. Durability

The latex foam mattress that you choose should be durable. You will be able to leverage the benefit of durability only if you buy the mattress from a renowned and well-established brand like Duroflex. Their natural latex foam mattresses are known for their durability and long-term comfort. Usually, the lifespan of these mattresses is more prolonged than various other types of foam mattresses.

Natural rubber’s resilience is often the reason behind the longevity of these mattresses. Once the pressure is removed from the mattress, a natural latex foam mattress bounces back and maintains its original shape over long years.

5. Environmental Friendliness

If the latex mattress that you buy is entirely natural and of superior quality, it is a given that it’ll be eco-friendly. Otherwise, you can check through the specifications of the latex mattresses if you are buying the mattress online.

As we have already mentioned, natural latex is refined from rubber tree sap. The trees are not damaged or cut down during this process and can easily produce sap for almost 30 long years. Therefore the processing of latex mattresses is highly sustainable and encourages tree growth. Additionally, latex mattress is biodegradable, ensuring it won’t be in a landfill for countless years.

Now that you know what you need to consider before buying natural latex mattresses, it is time to begin your search and check their quality and prices across different brands. To give you one last tip, do not forget to choose a reliable brand like Duroflex; otherwise, your hard-earned money might go down the drain. Duroflex has been in the industry for a couple of decades and offers a wide variety of mattresses. They also provide a multitude of perks such as a no-cost EMI option, roughly ten years of warranty, and explicitly mention that their mattresses are eco-friendly and toxin-free.

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