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5 questions to ask you before taking the first step to prepare a baby shower

Who organizes the baby shower?

A very frequent doubt is who should organize the baby shower. Traditionally, the birth party used to be prepared by family or friends of the future parents as a way of acknowledging their love for the couple and the future little one they expect. If this is you, remember to stay true to the personal taste and style of the honorees. However, it can also be the parents themselves who decide to take charge of the celebration. On these occasions, mom and dad can use the services of a professional organizer —yes, there are freelancers and companies dedicated to organizing this type of event—, or they can decide to prepare it on their own following the DIY philosophy or which is the same: do it yourself.

Who to invite to the baby shower?

This answer depends on who organizes the party, since it is not the same if a family member prepares the party (who usually has the rest of the family as guests) than a co-worker (who will probably invite the rest of the co-workers) or to the most everyday circle). We can tell you that, regardless of who organizes the editable baby shower invitations, it is usual to have the presence of the closest family and friends.

How much budget do you have to prepare the baby shower and who is going to pay for it?

Assuming that the budget is not going to be a problem to prepare the celebration, it is important that you determine in advance the approximate investment that you want to make, since it will influence the choice of certain elements such as animation, decoration or even the place of the celebration Party if you have a small budget, don’t worry, because in this guide you will also find ideas for yourself.

In addition, it is also important to know who pays for the baby shower. The most common is that the hosts are the ones who bear the costs of the celebration, although it can also be paid for by all the guests.

When to organize the baby shower?

The first step to organizing the baby shower is to choose the date. The ideal time is around the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. This is when the pregnancy is already far enough along, but mom can still be comfortable. On the other hand, she will have time to organize all the gifts she has received and plan if there is something important to buy before the baby arrives.

Choosing the place for the baby shower

Think about what the mom-to-be will appreciate the most. She is she home to her? Does she like to go out to lunch with friends?

  •         At home. He is private, comfortable, intimate; ideal for such a personal event. You have free rein in the kitchen and everyone knows where the bathroom is!
  •         In a restaurant. All you have to do is call ahead and inform the number of guests and you’ll be ready. Try to cater to everyone’s taste preferences when choosing a restaurant, but the mom-to-be favorite cuisine should come first.
  •         In the office. Everyone’s stuck at work, but it’s worth the break to find an hour to celebrate a colleague’s new baby.
  •         Destination. Trips to a spa or in gardens, weather permitting, are popular places for bohemian baby shower invitation.

Baby shower theme

Before making creative invitations and decorations, it helps to organize everything around a theme. The theme should reflect the mom-to-be personality and preferences, and should also center on the new baby. For example, if you don’t know the gender of the baby, you could go for a “bows and butterflies” theme or a safari theme. If you know it’s going to be a girl, then a fairy tale in pink with a castle diaper cake could be great!

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