5 reasons before you decide to build a knock-down house

Nowadays, many people like to build houses รับสร้างบ้านสระบุรี The knock-down house design originated from the need for temporary residential areas. we can see that Knock-down houses are usually made out of shipping containers. Or made of materials that are easy to assemble, ready-made, it takes only 1 day to complete. to live immediately But how is a knock-down house different from a house built for living? Today the author has an answer to leave each other.

What is a knockdown house?

Knock Down Homes are a sub-group of Finished Homes that can be used as offices, shops until they can be used as residences. but cannot be used as permanent residence Because the material used is about 10-15 years old.

The difference between knockdown houses with prefabricated houses or brick house

  1. Knock-down house without beams use the wall as a load-bearing
  2. Knock-down house assembly process, no rubbish and dust, equal to building a house from bricks and mortar because the parts are cut and ready to be assembled.
  3. The lifespan of a knock-down house depends on the materials used to assemble it.

roof house knock down

Metal sheet roofing is often used. or lightweight tiles Therefore, it is a clear difference. and should not install heavy equipment on the roof because of the risk of collapse

knock-down house wall

besides wood also popular to use light wall group like cement board or prefabricated walls made of fiber cement Blended with cellulose fibers and decorated with other materials to make the walls resistant to heat and sunlight

Knockdown house pillar

Knock-down poles are usually made of steel, such as H beams, which are the most important part of the structure. and even if the steel is coated with anti-rust agent Must be monitored for corrosion over time

folk knockdown

Knockdown house flooring is laid with cement board. for laminate flooring tiled floor Or add more ceramic tiles like general folk. Caution is Should choose a material that is resistant to moisture. Prevent mold from the ground and have a reasonable weight

Furniture selection for knock-down homes

If you decide to buy a knock-down home to build an office, shop, or live in. Do not forget to take into account the weight of the knock-down house. when buying furniture We can built-in, but all components must not make the house too heavy. by consulting with the supplier clearly Ask for advice after the sale to see how much we can add.

What is a prefabricated house?

When it comes to knockdown houses Can’t even talk about prefabricated houses. Because both of these are similar. differs in the service life that has already been introduced prefab house It has a longer service life due to

– Prefabricated walls in the main structure do not use cement board. but a precast concrete slab which will be large and requires more assembly than building a knock-down house especially the process of combining concrete and interior

– The duration of assembling a prefabricated house is therefore more than a knock-down house, at least 2-3 months to see the whole structure.

Prefabricated houses can be decorated built-in (Built-in) without limiting weight like a knock-down house. But be careful about drilling into the wall.

– Installation of roof and heating system to the prefabricated house is complete.

– Homeowners can choose prefabricated house flooring according to their preferences. If you want to lay marble tiles granite tiles To add beauty, it can be done.

But what is the same thing about building a knock-down house and a prefabricated house? Homeowners should not add them by themselves. Construction should be planned from the beginning. or if necessary to add, have to see an expert to help. Because the weight structure of both prefabricated houses is something to be careful of. Otherwise, it will be followed by problems, cracks, collapses, until the house collapses.

Buying a knock-down house, is it a good idea to consider these 5 reasons?

If you want to buy a knock-down home to live in. Does not include reasons to buy and make a shop or temporary office should consider the following 5 items

1. What do you use?

If you want to buy a knock-down home as a residence. or make a homestay The house price must be calculated with the expected period of use. Because no matter what kind of house Starting to use it for a while, it will have to pay for maintenance such as window leaks, rain water seepage, etc.

2. User

The number of users will be a good decision to buy a knock-down home. If there are multiple residents will take into account the deterioration of the house

3. Where is it installed?

If the knock-down house is installed near trees or moist soil There is a chance of mold problems on the walls or floors. including if it used to be a frequent flooded area It will affect the steel structure. Therefore, buyers should pay attention to the details.

4. Knock-down house structure material

The material determines the price of a knock-down house. If we can know the brand of each part of the material first, it will be easy to make a decision. In most cases, the seller will have to clarify in the quotation. for buyers to compare details

5. Budget for owning a house

knockdown house price Starting from USD $2,500, some offer air conditioners. with electrical wiring giving a simple way of thinking whether to buy a knock-down house or build your own house then bring the price to be calculated with the usable area including service life

Do not forget to study the details and supervise the construction. for the value paid So you won’t regret it later.