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Anyone who is looking for a steel doors wishes to have a door made from quality material and of superior workmanship. In Kenya, most shopping centres have welding people and artisans who make steel doors. The challenge is that most of them produce low quality doors designed from steel and some parts made from other low quality materials and sell at the same or nearly same cost as doors made from genuine steel.

Most people prefer steel doors because they are durable, strong and require little maintenance. Genuine steel doors will not require frequent repainting and repairs. Here are key points that can guide buyers in determining the price of steel doors in Kenya.

1. Locks, Hinges, Frame and Handle

To make the door secure and easy to handle, the four components should be well placed on the door. As expected, all hinges should be very strong so support the door while in use. This is a very sensitive factor that should not be compromised with the price.

The frame is the main feature of any type of door. Quality and well-fitting frame makes it easy to repair or install the door. The design of the frame should also complement other features at home. If a customer has such preferences, they should be ready to dig deeper to their pockets.

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2. Location

In Kenya, the price of a steel door is not fixed, it varies depending on region. Areas that are closer to major towns have the doors slightly cheaper compared to rural areas. This is due to the quality of transport network and distance from where the raw materials are shipped from.

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3. Size

Usually, doors should come in standard sizes. The price of a door increases with increase in size. Door measurements are commonly made in feet and inches. An additional inch on the measurement will consequently result to an increase in price.

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4. Type of Door

Some steel doors are designed to serve special purposes. Specially designed doors cost higher than ordinary doors due to additional features. Some special type of doors include: swing doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, collapsible doors, and rolling shutter doors. This is one of the main factors that control steel doors prices in Kenya.

5. Supplier or Manufacturer

Manufacturer and suppliers directly decide the price of their products. Buyers should take time to compare prices from different suppliers and manufacturers before settling on a given item.

Why Buyers Need to be Cautious

Presence of counterfeit products not only offers unfair competition to sellers but also results to poor products. In most cases, such doors are relatively cheap and neatly painted to lure buyers. Steel does not rust; presence of rust and other design flaws could be a sign of fake door. In other regions, the cost of original steel door is just similar to that of counterfeit ones. visit here to know more information : msizone

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In Conclusion

Security is a number one priority for every Kenyan citizen. While bugler proofing a home, house or building, steel products can be trusted due to strong features of steel. The prices of steel doors will vary depending of design, location of the seller, other type of finish materials used on the door, size of the door and the seller.  Customers should carefully look at those factors before making a purchase or otherwise look for other sellers or request for a design that suits their needs. Source

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