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5 Ways To Boost Productivity While Working Remotely

Working from home is easy and flexible, yet it negatively affects productivity. When people work from home, they lack a working atmosphere where they can see their coworkers and be encouraged. Being isolated from the work environment causes employees to lose creativity in their work. What is the solution to this issue?

Following are a few ways to increase productivity at work from home. 

Tools to increase productivity

While working, one comes across several document PDFs. It is hard to edit PDFs without a dedicated conversion tool or an online source. PDFSimpli is one such online tool. It can convert different formats, including Word and others, and combine multiple PDF files into one. It can also compress and remove unnecessary pages from a pdf file. This tool is helpful for individuals looking for a quick and easy way to edit and convert PDFs.

Dedicated WFH desk

Your workspace should not be a place to relax but a place to focus. To be focused, avoid keeping things like magazines and unnecessary items so that your workspace is clear of distractions.

If your room is cluttered, it will not be a conducive place to work. You need to have a dedicated space to keep yourself oriented and avoid wasting time looking for things.

Set rules for family

It is difficult to get away from family distractions while working from home, especially when you do not have a separate room to work. If you try to multitask between household chores and office stuff, you will be unproductive.

Have a conversation with them and explain the importance of your job and how they are a distraction while prompting you for other tasks. 

Take time for your family and self-care

 Keep a routine that helps you be more productive and less stressed to achieve your goals. Have separate time for family and work. Exercise and meditate regularly to relax your mind and body.

Have separate time for family and work. It will help balance your time and work on both. Also, try to cut down on your work hours. It will help you get more done in less time and allow you to spend more time with your family.


Keep yourself connected with your friends and colleagues. Instead of having a phone call conversation, try having a video call to create an offline in-person meeting situation. It will help people far way come together to make decisions. It allows peers to connect, communicate, and work more effectively and helps them build deeper relationships, and promotes a sense of community. It also helps them feel less isolated and helps them make friends, which is crucial for building trust among team members, and the company.


These were a few tools and tips to help you be more productive while working from home. Use tools like PDFSimpli to do file format conversion like PDF to Word conversion. Try these different methods to get your work done and stay productive in your home office. 

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