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6 Ways to Find Genuine Holden Parts Dealer

If you live in Australia, you must have heard about Holden cars. The Australian car culture is fascinating, and the brand Holden has created iconic and influential cars throughout history. Some of these cars became popular among global audiences after the 1979 movie Mad Max. The creation of Holden Special Vehicle (HSV) and Tom Walkinshaw Racing took the popularity of Holden cars to the next level. From there, the brand never looked back and became the favourite of Aussies.

But things have changed now. The last Holden car plant in Elizabeth was closed in 2017. The company that owned Holden cars made it clear that the production-related activities are shutting down. These developments in the car market raised many questions/doubts in the minds of Holden car owners, such as will they still produce the accessories? Are the services for sold out cars available? Will Holden parts be available for old car owners?

Their answers to all these questions were yes. But one question remained unanswered. Where to find these accessories and parts?

It is not easy to find genuine and trustworthy car parts dealers, but you can find them with accurate information and analysis. You have to look for certain qualities and information about the dealer to finalise your purchase.

1. Website & Reviews

The first thing anybody does when they have to find out about any company or service is searching up their website on Google. And it would help if you did it too. If you find a dealer website, you can look up their price, delivery service, location, etc. You will be able to decide whether to do business with them or not. The reviews on the internet will help you understand their service/product quality. A few bad and average reviews about a company are common, but if more than 25% of reviews are bad, you know it is a no-deal.

2. Licence

The next thing you need to look for is the authenticity of the dealer/store. An authorised membership or certificate from the manufacturer, i.e. Holden Pvt Ltd, indicates genuine parts and service. You may find these details on the dealer’s website. If there are authorised and dealership certificates, you can choose them without any second thoughts.

3. Customer/After Sales Service

There is no point in buying products and availing services if there are no after-sales service and customer support team. Make sure the dealer gives after-sales service and faulty parts replacement offers.

4. Location

The location of the dealership plays an important role here. The closer they are to your place, the better it is. You must prefer those who are at least in your own country, and if not, look for them in the nearby countries. There is no greater satisfaction and confidence than seeing the store with your own eyes and purchasing directly from the store.

5. Delivery Speed

Delivering something across the globe or within the country takes time. Always look for those who provide better and faster delivery services. Deal with those who are quick at delivering the parts/service and value your time.

6. Price

Asking for a reasonable price is appropriate for a great product and the hard work behind the service. But, if the dealer is exaggerating the cost, look for another one. You must know that Holden car parts are sometimes limited in supply so that the prices may go up. But, no dealer will charge above a certain limit. Look up the internet and compare the prices of parts in different dealerships.

These are some crucial points you must remember while looking for Holden car parts. You can still find the original Holden parts as the parent company has promised that the manufacturing of parts and other accessories are still going on. Make sure the dealer is charging appropriate shipping and service charges.

Holden cars are fantastic, and make sure you find those amazing accessories and parts from genuine dealers by following these methods.

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