7 Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Smile

Your smile is special, and it is one of the first features that people will notice about you. Regular dental exams are essential for both your oral health and the look of your teeth. If you need a boost in confidence, your dentist can perform cosmetic dental procedures to enhance your smile.

Here are  7 of the most popular forms of Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry procedures that may repair and beautify your smile. Following these cosmetic dental procedures, you should be able to clean and floss your teeth with ease. However, this does not prevent you from visiting the dentist.

1. Teeth Whitening

Most people’s teeth become stained at some point in their lives. Even if you have perfect hygiene practices, spicy foods, coffee, red wine, as well as some fresh fruits can all cause duller or yellow teeth.

A cosmetic dentist can whiten your teeth to restore their natural colour using a variety of methods of varying strengths. Some treatment options can be done at home with your orthodontist monitoring the results over a few weeks, whereas others, such as laser whitening, are performed at the surgery in a single sitting. 

Also, don’t think that teeth whitening is only for achieving a braces peoria az smile. Professional whitening procedures can lighten the colour of your teeth by a shade or two, or they can go much farther, depending on what you like.

2.  Dental Bonding

A tiny gap between two of your teeth can make you feel self-conscious, especially if it’s in the centre of your smile. Dental bonding is a straightforward technique that uses tooth-coloured resin and bonds to fill the area and provide a permanent fix for a better tooth profile. Dental bonding is a technique that may be used to repair or enhance the look of a severely discoloured tooth, damaged front teeth, or chipped teeth, as well as address misalignments and gaps between your teeth.

3. Dental Veneers

Veneers are tiny slivers of ceramic or composite material that are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth. They are used to repair chipped, crooked dental lines, discoloured teeth, tiny gaps between teeth, and severe discolouration.

They appear totally natural once placed and will outlast for ten years or more, avoiding additional damage or discolouration under normal conditions. Dental veneers are the only way to rebuild your smile without having to endure several cosmetic dental treatments.

4. Inlays and Outlays

Modern fillings are inconspicuous and natural-looking; however, the same cannot be true for many older grey metal fillings. Inlays and Onlays, though, are two forms of replacement fillings that can help with this issue.

In addition to repairing a cavity, they cover a small portion of the surrounding region with an imperceptible substance, leaving your tooth appearing as good as new. Furthermore, contemporary inlays and Onlays are far more durable than traditional fillings and are far less likely to be broken or disturbed by chewing and biting.

5. Crowns 

If you have an improperly shaped, significantly damaged tooth, either from an accident or from severe decay, or if you have had big fillings, or if you want to conceal gaps between your teeth. Then a crown can be fitted to restore it to its original shape and size. Crowns, also known as caps, are custom-made to fit over your entire tooth after the cosmetic dentist has prepped it. Crowns are composed of natural-looking porcelain, are sculpted to fit exactly into your smile, and are set in place forever.

6. Dental bridges 

Dental bridges are a popular tooth repair solution that is attached to healthy teeth on each side of the lost tooth. So if you have a single missing tooth and a healthy neighbour on each side of the gap, a bridge can replace the gap. Bridges are practically invisible once fitted and operate by attaching a substitute porcelain tooth to the robust existing teeth on each side. Dental bridges are extremely attractive and provide our patients with more confidence in their look, and this cosmetic dental restoration aids in the repair of your smile.

7. Dental Implants

Lastly, dental implants provide a long-term remedy for one or more lost teeth. A prosthetic tooth is custom-made to fit your current dental profile before being secured in place with a metal socket inserted into your jawbone.

Dental implants are a major procedure that necessitates two or more visits to the surgeon. However, once implanted, they will last a lifetime and will safeguard your jaw against bone loss, which is common in the area around a missing tooth.

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Final words

There’s no reason to put up with a smile you don’t want to show. Modern Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry can correct both big and small problems, with absolutely natural-looking outcomes and treatments that are faster and more pleasant than in the past. So if you have a problem with your teeth, that is impacting your confidence, consult with your dentist to discuss your alternatives.

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