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A Glance Through Some Of The Top Investors In Singapore

Taking the risk of starting your own business involves less risk, but those who do end up succeeding. When creating a small business, several things must be kept in mind. It includes investment, employees, work of action, And an eye-catching product or service to attract more customers. The primary concern for a startup is the amount to be invested, keeping in mind the risks involved. To start up a business, an entrepreneur can also contact investors to invest in their business. Even though running a business is quite a task and includes a long procedure in order to start one, once a business starts running successfully the results achieved are magnificent.

The economy of Singapore has grown by an average of 9% every year since its Independence. More startups need a kind of mentorship and investment to scale. Several angel investors bring their business experience, expertise, and contacts and infuse funds to help these startups. One of the significant benefits of moving or starting your business in Singapore includes its ideal location, business-friendly policies, and politically stable environment. Let us look forward to a few top investors in Singapore.

  • DreamLabs- Dreamland is a billion-dollar hundred million fund established for investing in companies in frantic, cleantech, e-commerce, energy, and health care. Besides investment, dreamland also provides mentorship, networking, and physical infrastructure, and there in queue better in Singapore is CBD.
  • B Capital group – This organization is one Prominent investor in Singapore. BR group supports the next generation of groundbreaking technology They have partnered with the Boston consulting group and its incubation arm BCG digital ventures.
  • Jungle Ventures- Jungle ventures is an early-stage VC organization and is the first in Singapore. They invest in companies across southeast Asia and India and aim to support ventures that can withstand the test of time. Jungle Ventures has successfully pulled off more than 35 investments and has a total portfolio value of over dollar 12 .5 billion dollars. A team of capable and distinguished founders runs the VC.
  • 500 startups- This is a global venture capital seed fund with a network of startups headquartered in Silicon Valley with more than US dollar two .8 billion in assets. They have invested in a total of 51 companies and 2600 startups worldwide since its functioning.
  • Sequoia Capital- Sequoia Backed companies account for over 20% of NASDAQ’s total value.
  • Monk’s hill ventures- This is a partnership of seasoned entrepreneurs who have backed and built global companies based in Asia and Silicon Valley. They are a VC firm investing in early-stage startups, taking advantage of the fast-growing Southeast Asian markets.
  • Quest Ventures- Based in China and Singapore, quest ventures is a leading capital business for companies having scalability and replicability in a large internet community. West ventures have supported over 100 companies.
  • Wavemaker Partners is a versatile cross-border venture capital organization founded in 2003. Wavemaker is headquartered in Los Angeles and Singapore, raising more than US dollars 600 million in several funds and invested in more than 400 enterprises. They aim to support and invest in solutions, enterprise, deep tech, and sustainability.




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