All about ruby

Have you ever come across a beautiful red coloured gemstone? This pinkish and reddish gemstone is none other than Ruby. It is considered to be one of the most amazing and beautiful gemstones. It is expressly used for decorating ornaments and different types of artefacts. It is one of the conventional gemstones that has been in fashion since the longest time.

More about it

The quality of this gemstone is very clean and pure. It has been traditional for the longest time. It has a given lustre of its own with no true cleavage. It is a unique gemstone with a lot of properties within itself. More details about this gemstone has been given in the following way. Want to know more then get in touch with Gems Selections. According to Hindustan Times, they are the number 1 suppliers of precious gemstones.

Physical properties of ruby

One of the most important and essential properties of this gemstone is its formation. This particular gemstone has a hardness of 9.0 on the scale of mineral hardness. It is considered to be the best gemstone in terms of quality and hardness as compared to the other types of gemstones which include Diamond as well. It is usually formed under a huge amount of pressure and gets lustre over the period of time.


It is important to mention that this gemstone is found across the asian continent to a large extent. It is usually extracted from the areas including Australia, India, Japan and Thailand. Most of the countries have a huge quantity of Ruby in them.

The extraction of the stem stone is a very complicated activity because it involves a huge amount of technique. It is usually buried deep down inside the earth. The cost of mineral extraction usually takes a technique at the maximum valuation of the gemstone and that is one of the most important reasons for its high cost.


There is no uniform variety of this gemstone available. It is important to find in the first place that these gemstones can be available in different types and qualities. There are different types of factors which affect the quality and the type of the gemstone. The most important factors according to which the type and the quality of this gemstone can be decided has been given in the following way.


The colour of the gemstone plays a vital role for determining the quality. The colour is decided with the help of three most important components. These three components basically include saturation, tone and Shadow. Usually the transparency of the gemstones decide the type of the Shine and the luster that the gemstone has. Transparency also describes the different shades of ruby.

If it is more transparent then the colour would be in the natural acquiring state and would belong to the category of pink. But if the transparency would be less than it would be a dark coloured Ruby. Most of the designers of ornaments usually prefer a dark coloured Ruby as compared to a lighter one. It is because a transparent Ruby is not at all opaque.


Once again the clarity of the gemstone plays an important role for the determination. It is different from transparency because transparency decides the colour. Clarity of the gemstone on the other hand decides the visibilit to the naked human eye. It plays an important role in determining the quality. The clarity decides the amount of light which can be scattered in the first place.

It also decides the Shine and the brightening touch of the gemstone to the greatest possible extent. If the particular gemstone is clear then automatically it would belong to a good quality as compared to the ones which are not at all clear. This helps in determining the quality of the gemstone to the greatest extent.


It is equally important to understand that the gemstone is extracted from the earth in a natural state. It has to be brought to a different stage together. It has to be enhanced by subjecting it to a proper type of treatment. This process is considered to be very complicated in which a huge amount of improvement is added. Gemstone is needed much better in terms of the colours and the transparency. Even different types of chemicals added to the gemstone make it capable of undergoing extreme situations of pressure and heat.

They are helpful for the polishing and pre-polishing process as well. It is also mixed with the help of different types of gases like Hydrogen fluoride. It is also heated at an optimum temperature with the help of chemical additives. In addition glass powders are also used for enhancing the temperament of the gemstone.

How to use

This Particular gemstone belongs to exotic category of belongings. It is important to use this gemstone with the maximum amount of your due to its Royal nature. That is why it is excessively used in designing appointments and expensive artefacts which are embellished with gold and diamond. It helps in bringing the maximum amount of utility. The different types of gemstones belonging to this category can be combined for the development of earrings, necklaces, rings and other types of jewellery products.

Most of the jewelry designers love this gemstone because it can be easily adjusted in any Framework without undertaking any type of network. This brings a huge amount of change in the outlook of the gemstone with which it is presented.


Ultimately it has to be concluded that this is one of the premium types of the gemstone which has a huge amount of utility. It is extensively used for a lot of products and at the same time has its own value of its own. This is an expensive gemstone which is precious in terms of looks and valuation. Shop for the best quality rubies from khanna gems and flaunt them.

So if you’re expecting to purchase these gemstones then you need to take into account all of the factors mentioned above. This is one of the best things that can ever be obtained. This gemstone has the value of its own which cannot be compromised at any cost.