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Lawn mowers enable the task of clearing lawn and cutting grass easy and quick. For a long time, the mowers have evolved and currently there are various kinds available. From lawn tractors to handheld self-propelled there are many mowers to select.

Lawn mowers are classified into various kinds with respect to varying criteria. Examples of such mowers are; ride-on mowers, robotic lawn mowers, hover Lawn mowers, and manual mowers. The following are different kinds based on operation mode:

Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Such mowers are common across the globe due to their power and versatility. As its name postulates the user pulls the mower using huge handlebars from behind. Such lawn mowers are either fuel-powered (petrol and diesel) or electric. Its blades are situated on its front and can be reel or rotary.

The lawn mowers (electric) are either cordless or corded. Corded electric mowers are determined by their distance from a certain source of power. Cordless electric mowers are battery-powered and rechargeable. Lawn mowers (petrol-powered) are powerful and fit for cutting thick grass. Diesel-powered ones are used in uneven terrain and large lawns.

Petrol and diesel powered mowers are the most popular mowers since they have few hindrances. Electric mowers are easily used and maneuvered, need little maintenance.

Ride-on Mowers

This is also a commonly used briggs and stratton lawn mower around the globe. Such mowers are suitable for experienced landscapers, hotels, and schools.The mowers are established small tractors having a particular driver’s seat and steering controls. The mowers are usually manually operated even though some are automated. They have mechanical and hydrostatic transmissions.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

These mowers mow any lawn without being supervised. You are only required to establish the border wire (guiding) and the mower will do the remaining work. The mower will cut specifically while inside its border wires (guiding).

Hover Lawn Mowers

Such mowers have a particular impeller above its blades that expels air downwards while the mower is being operated. This leads to lifting of the mower from a certain ground while hovering the grass above. Most hover Lawn mowers are designed using plastic to enable them be lightweight so maneuverability and hovering eases.

Manual Mowers

Manual mowers are the most ordinary non-powered kinds of mowers. These mowers cut grass while being pushed through a certain lawn. The mowers are suitable in maintaining and cutting smaller lawns.

Features of these Lawn Mowers

The above kinds of lawn mowers have the following features: highly portable, easy and safe to use, improved productivity, support after sale, cheap source of power, energy efficient, multi-function utility, easy to move and compact.


This is the correct guide for any person planning to purchase or hire a certain kind of lawn mower. Information on lawn mower (briggs and stratton) that has been discussed in this article are factual, therefore apply them with confidence to end up with your best-desired lawn mower.

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