An overview about Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia as the name suggests is extracted from the tree of GC. It has its instances of origin in South East Asia. The fruit replicates a green pumpkin and finds its use in a wide variety of cooking styles. It is mainly due to the sour flavour it showcases.

The key is to figure out more about and there is bound to be some risks and complications when you use it. Basically it relates to the weight loss feature and whether it would work or not. This is available in a powered or pill form and is found in most of the health stores. When it comes to their uses and claims numerous health issues have emerged in the last few years. Such claims might turn out to mild to incredible and it is better if you separate the facts from marketing.

The active ingredients and how it works

As far as the skin is concerned there are massive chunks of HCA. It works out to be a derivative of citric acid and the marketing takes place by a weight loss supplement. This could be alone or in combination with other supplements.

But does HCA promotes weight loss is something precisely no one is aware. But one of the reasons why people buy garcinia cambogia online is due to weight loss. Numerous theories exist and some experts believe that it exhibits an enzyme known as citrate lyase. This may very well interfere with the conversion of unused carbohydrates into fat.

The marketing of the product occurs in such a way that it helps you to lose weight naturally with less or no form of an additional support. Some of the claims by the companies suggest that when you use this supplement you may lose weight without dieting or any type of exercise.

Some studies indicate that the supplement did not aid in the process of weight loss. Though results are something that may vary at a considerable level. Conversely some studies indicate that it lead to substantial weight loss whereas others revealed that the supplement did not have any major effect.

A point of concern is that most of the studies conducted on HCA revealed that it was done on animals. Such findings lead to mixed results for the use of such supplements. Even the average body reduction was small and this was for a short duration of time. Any study on human beings was done for a short duration of time and the sample size was small. Even the results of such type of tests did not achieve the desired purpose at all. So longer tests have to be carried out.

Is diet going to matter?

Researcher goes on to study on how the diet has had an impact on an individual. It was not effective in people whose diet were high in carbohydrate and low on fats. If you take the supplement along with high end fats it would be reducing weight gain. But with a high fibre diet, It is going to provide you with an idea on how HCA would work on your body. Research indicates that garcinia along with HCA would require a proper diet to be effective. This is in complete contrast to what the manufacturers have gone on to market till now.

Curbs your appetite levels and makes you full

There is another claim with HCA is that it makes you full during the day. Researches as part of animal studies have found positive results, but human study does not indicate such form of results. Though the absence of such studies does not mean that it would not work on human beings. Most of the people who have used this supplement feel that it makes them full during the day and contributes to weight loss.

Other benefits

Various studies have been conducted which indicate that it lowers your cholesterol levels. Though such claims are not proven or even the results are not consistent. Hence a suggestion is not to use the ingredient to lower down your cholesterol levels. In similar ways it may be used to lower blood sugar levels in some people. A doctor is not going to recommend this medicine for anyone who is suffering from diabetes since it would have an impact on their medication. Hence it may cause the blood sugar levels to drop at dangerous levels.

The risks and possible side effects

Though It is considered safe to consume, some curbs are in place if you intend to use this fruit as a dietary supplement.


The FDA would not be regulating supplements and this is applicable to the fruit. It is in the same way as pharmacy drugs that complies with stringent standards. For these reasons the manufacturers need to ensure that the products are safe to be used and the labels are clear.

It would be really hard to figure out how effective HCA as from brand to brand potency may vary. Some of the manufacturers could include killer ingredients on to a blend that makes it harder to determine a proper dose.

Anyone who is planning to take this ingredient has to be aware about the side- effects. Some of the side effects may include nausea, headache, low sugar levels and an upset stomach. Though there are certain type of products linked to HCA which may cause liver damage. A golden rule to follow is before you take any supplements have a discussion with your doctor.

The reason for the same is that HCA could interact with some type of drugs. Some research experts suggests it reduces blood sugar, so it could have an impact on people who are suffering from diabetes. Before you are using any drug or supplement it is always better to discuss with your doctor. Even there has not been a lot of studies conducted to showcase that it is not safe for breastfeeding or pregnant women. Before you are about to buy garcinia cambogia online consider all the above points. It is better if a woman avoids it.