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Balloons: What are the best of 2022?

Welcome to Ctiparty.Dk! We know that a good decoration is one of our greatest satisfaction and that many times this comes from the hand of the simplest details. That is why today we will talk about an item that will fill your events and special occasions with joy: balloons.

Beyond a decorative element, balloons have become the beautifying soul of a party, the one that carries the bastion of colors and celebration. Today we can find them in all shapes and patterns you can imagine, so the purchase decision can be increasingly complicated. But no more, because here we will show you a complete guide on the characteristics that the perfect balloon must-have, the qualities that enhance its quality and durability, and of course, the selection of the best balloons that you will get on the market. Read on to captivate yourself with its splendor.

The most important

Balloons are decorative elements or toys that require a filling of air or gases such as helium to inflate. They usually form a sphere, but there are more modern options whose shapes and figures can vary. If you classify them by material, you can find 2 types of balloons: those made with latex and those created based on micro foil. Each of them will have different characteristics in terms of duration, filling, behavior, cost, and more.

Before deciding to buy a package of balloons for your celebration, you should take into account the type of balloon you will need, the color that will best suit the situation, the number of pieces you need, the occasion being celebrated, and the diameter of the balloon. 

The best balloons: our recommendations

It is not just about buying the first ones that we see, there is an incredible variety of colors, shapes, materials, and much more that will make you think if that option that you thought of in the first place is really the one that will make the difference in your party know the most outstanding options.

Woo Party Balloons

Celebrate in a big way with this pack of birthday balloons. It is 22 pieces in total including 13 16-inch letter balloons, 2 silhouette heart balloons, 1 heart balloon, 4 small heart balloons, 1 wine glass balloon, 1 champagne bottle balloon, and 100 glue dots to adhere them. They are compatible with helium filling so they can float if you need them. They have high-quality material to resist and last much longer (up to more than a week after inflation). To fix them, you just have to use the glue dots and press them against a wall or ceiling.

Ecooe 50pcs Pearl Latex Balloons

This set of 50 balloons in shades of pink will combine perfectly with your decoration. They are made with biodegradable natural latex to ensure that it does not cause any harm to the human body. There are 5 models: fuchsia, pink, light pink, white, and transparent filled with pink confetti to give it an elegant touch. It’s a great choice for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, graduations, and more. Each of them has 30 centimeters of height after being inflated. Rubbing the confetti balloons with a dry cloth will help the leaves adhere to the walls of the balloon.

Birthday Assortment Pack for 10 People

Balloons are the life of the party, but when you want a package that includes other celebration elements, this may be the best option. It is an assortment pack for 10 people that includes 35 items in metallic pink, blue and purple colors to distribute among the guests. Features 5 hats, 5 birthday tiaras, 10 whistles, 8 foil balloons, 6 photo props, and 1 spark candle. The balloons are latex, suitable for filling with helium, and are manufactured in a standard size.

Decorator Assorted Colors – Creative balloons latex balloons

This set of 100 balloons to be filled with helium can be found in a wide variety of colors, such as pastels, assorted, metallic, white, black, pearl, and more. All with the intention that you can select the best and most suitable for your type of celebration, be it a birthday, graduation, holiday, theme party, and more. These models are made of 100% biodegradable latex so as not to cause damage or contamination, and their wide variety of colors and shades will attract the attention of all your attendees. You can use them all in the same celebration, or save them for later festivities.

What you need to know about balloons

We have already seen incredible models of balloons, but how do you know when to choose one option or another? To know this, it is important to know the basic details about balloons, their characteristics, types, and more. Join us in the following lines to show you more information.

What are balloons and what are their advantages?

When we talk about Ballon, we refer to a sphere of flexible material that we fill with air or gases such as helium to increase its size and use as a decorative element or toy. Balloons are often used as the most popular decorative item at celebrations, parties, and special events. Thanks to their characteristics, balloons not only help to decorate but often end up being protagonists of the personalization of a specific event. Next, we will talk a little more about the benefits that you will find when using them.

Latex or micro foil balloons – what should you pay attention to?

Surely we have seen a type of balloon at some point: the traditional latex balloons and the metallic micro foil. Each of them has very specific characteristics that we will tell you about below.

Latex – This is the most frequent option when we talk about balloons, as well as the most economical. If the material is good, it will last for an entire celebration, but its appearance will decay after 24 hours.

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