Beach Towel or Bath Towel? Which Should You Buy?

Most of you unaware of the difference between an ordinary bath towel and a beach towel would confuse their uses and interchanging their purpose. There are different types of towels made by manufacturers to buy a towel according to the purpose you need it for.

You can find workout towels, bath towels, sand free beach towels, hand towels and much more than you would have expected. Unfortunately, living in Australia and not going to the beach over the weekend is not an option. Therefore, it would be best to understand the different types of towels and their use to know which one to choose for a beach day, a spa day, or a high-intensity workout. This post is going to focus on explaining to you how beach towels differ from bath towels. So below are some points explaining to you how these two differ from one another.

Bath Towel vs Beach Towel

1. The Size

The size of a beach towel is comparatively bigger than that of a bath towel. The size of a beach towel is large because it solves more than one purpose. You not only use it to dry yourself but also to lay it on the sand. It is more like a fashion accessory that people notice at the beach. It will not attract and absorb sand, salt and chlorine from the water. But instead, it will quickly dry and help you remove the sand and salt from your body. You can use it to cover your body to protect yourself from the sun. And even use it as a bed to lay down and soak up some vitamin D. It is a multi-purpose product that you can’t replace with a bath towel.

2. The appearance

The colour and prints used for bath towels and beach towels differ a lot. Someone using a towel for a bath will prefer having plain, mind colours instead of bold stripes and designed towels. All towel manufacturers think of designs and patterns for towels according to how they would complement the environment. So, a bath towel will look dull for a beach day, and a beach towel will grab your attention while bathing in an open space or under a covered roof.

3. Sides

A towel has two sides, and most of you would think that both sides are the same. Well, in many cases, it is true, but not if you pick a beach towel. The beach towel has two sides which solve different purposes. The one side of the towel is designed to dry your body from water, sand and salt. And the other side is designed to resist sand absorption.

4. Thickness

Beach towels are light in weight and are generally made of linen. The thickness of the beach towels is not much because they are made with high absorption properties and quick drying. In comparison to them, bath towels are pretty thick and take time to dry themselves.

When you plan to buy a particular towel, you should always research its use beforehand to avoid making wrong decisions. Now that you know the difference between a bath towel and a sand free beach towel, you’ll be able to differentiate between the two and buy the right product for solving your purpose. So, look for a popular and trusted store for buying towels for different occasions and purposes.