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Benefits of In-App Chat API for your business

How Your Business Can Benefit From In-App Chat APIs

The world has come a long way since the internet was invented in 1983. Of all the things that it has made convenient, real-time communication has to be one of the highlights of the 21st century. Today, we’re able to communicate with other people from across the world instantaneously and in real-time.

We use real-time chat every day to meet our daily appetite for social media, among other things. A study found that 40% of people reported that live chat was their most preferred form of communication. 

Businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of using web chat APIs. 67% of B2C businesses have implemented live chat support on their website or app. 

Here are the various benefits of integrating in-app chat for your business:

1. It’s Light On Your Pocket

There’s a lot that goes into building a feature or a component in an app from ground zero. For an in-app chat feature, you’d require hefty investments, skilled tech power, resources, multiple quality checks, and more. 

A web chat API works to bypass all these hassles you may face when working from square one. As a pre-designed collection of codes, a chat API makes integrating the in-app chat feature. With now simplified processes, you can cut down on additional costs of hiring talent or spending unnecessarily on something that can be easily built using a time-tested chat API solution.

2. It Levels up Customer Engagement

Now, which are the different channels that help you connect with your users? Phone calls and emails, we are guessing? Well, while the first one offers real-time support, it is quite cumbersome for users. On the other hand, emails have a long resolution cycle that can make users frustrated, who may end up losing interest in your brand.

A real-time web chat API helps you connect with your customers at the right moment. An in-app chat feature can keep your users engaged and gripped with an easy flow of conversations and quick resolutions. You can understand their issues better and direct them to a solution best suited to their needs. 

2. It Lets You Offer Personalized Instantaneous Support

Real-time chat makes it possible for you to attend to your customer’s queries as and when they have questions. This makes sure that you’re saving your customers time and effort from having to look it up themselves.

Live web chat APIs put customers in touch with support personnel instantly so they can have all their questions answered without even having to navigate to another page. 

3. It Can Lower Cart Abandonment and Increase Conversion Rates 

A study found that over 88% of all shopping carts online were abandoned. The cart abandonment rate is an important statistic that shows how many of your visitors convert into customers. The whopping majority of visitors don’t go through with a purchase.

This is an issue that plagues online businesses of all kinds and sizes. Using a live chat solution on your website has been shown to improve conversion rates by a significant margin, according to this report by eMarketer. 

4. It Leads to Effective Community Building

As a brand, you want to keep your customers engaged and involved with your brand one way or the other. Social media and online advertising campaigns let you target your marketing to specific target audience groups.

However, live web chat APIs take targeting a step further and personalizes your interaction with each customer. Customers feel valued and appreciated when they see that their favorite brand is keen to interact with them in real-time.

This helps your business and your brand grow organically over time and maximizing your ROI on the investment in the live chat solution. 


A web chat API can offer a myriad of benefits for your business. You get a robust set of tools developed upon reliable and scalable messaging infrastructure.

Moreover, it can work as a glue that binds you and your users on a single unified space – your app or website. Now, your customers don’t have to look around for a customer support number or an email ID when they need to contact your business.

Whether your aim is to refine the sales cycle in your business or turn grumpy customers into smiling ones, a web chat API can do it all in a jiffy!

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