Best apple trees to grow in the UK

No wonder, apples are one of the diverse fruits when it comes to variety. And, you can find more than 2500 varieties in the UK alone. It means that you can eat a different variety of apples every day. Despite that, it is hard to find these varieties and only a few of them make it to the market for sale.

However, it is the farmer’s market where you can get some different flavors to test your taste buds. Here are some apple trees that you can consider buying from a good supplier like and planting in your garden.

1. Chivers’ Delight

Although this variety was developed during the 1920s, little information on the parentage is available for this lovely apple. However, it is hard to resist its sweet flavor and flattening shape. Chivers’ Delight is a medium-sized, crisp apple that comes with a sweet and balanced flavor. It is worth trying to grow this apple tree in your garden.

2. Saturn

If you want the flavor that modern-day consumers want from an apple, and is fairly easy to grow without harmful side effects, Saturn is a great example. It’s an appealing apple that will never make you disappoint. Disease resistance is an important aspect that concerns many growers as they try to reduce the percentage of pesticides used in their gardens. Fortunately, apple developers managed to grow Saturn successfully.

3. Egremont Russet

It is a classic apple that has been associated with the Victorian era. Egremont Russet has different characters and comes with dry flesh. It has the perfect balance between sharpness and sweetness. Also, it has a rich texture and great flavor. These qualities make it comparable to a firm pear, though. Regarding versatility, it works great with some savory salads.

4. Falstaff

No wonder, Falstaff is one of the most popular apple trees grown in the UK and it does that every year. Sweet, acidic, and crunchy in taste, Falstaff apples are one of the best-eating apples as well.

5. Bramley

Some people want a cooking apple that produces delicious puree. For them, Bramley apples are the best. This apple tree is vigorous and tends to produce large cooking apples. Besides, it’s a triploid variety that has attractive flowers as well.

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