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Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

Many kitties can thrive in small spaces like apartments as long as they are given excellent care, attention, and environmental enrichment. Most breeds generally have adaptable temperaments, and they are easygoing. Those with low to moderate energy levels are comfortable to be couch potatoes, and they are happy to do one or two activities for exercise.

If you have an apartment and are looking for a feline that’s friendly, calm, and not usually over demanding with attention, then the following may be right for you. A word of note is to avoid those that are highly intelligent since smaller spaces may not provide them the mental stimulation that they are craving. They might become destructive if they feel unfulfilled and may start engaging in destructive behavior.

What to Choose

1. American Shorthairs

American shorthairs are one of the domestic shorthair’s pedigreed versions. What you can do is to visit site through the link provided and know more about their characteristics and personalities. American shorthairs are often easygoing, and they would love to hang out with just anybody.

They can fare well even if they are inside apartments as long as their owners are home enough most of the time to meet their needs for being social. They can get along with other pets, watch birds out of the windows, and do some entertaining themselves with the help of toys if needed.

2. Birman

One of the favorites of apartment owners is the Birman. They don’t require a large playground and a wide area to play. They are affectionate and will stay in their designated places on couches and windows. They are calm, and they just want to be somewhere with their favorite humans. You won’t have any issue with them wanting to get a larger room.

However, know that they may be interested in chasing other pets out there when they are in a playful mood. They can watch you cook, prepare meals, clean, and do some washing, and they can be perfectly content in a corner. More about the Birmans in this page:

3. British Shorthairs

British shorthairs are very adaptable cats, and they can thrive in apartment settings. They are usually the quiet types, and they prefer to lounge on the couch instead of playing and racing in a room. Sometimes, they may want a more interactive play and will have bursts of energy so you might want to leave them with toys, puzzles, and scratch posts.

Food will keep them entertained, but they should be given just enough to prevent obesity. Their weight can range from 6 to 18 pounds, while they can have a height of 11 to 14 inches. Their physical characteristics include a large head, a well-balanced body, and round eyes.

4. Burmese Cats

Burmese are naturally cuddly and sweet felines. They wanted constant companions from their fellow cats or humans because they didn’t want to be lonely. They are athletic in nature, so if you have trees where they can climb, you can spot them jumping or leaping from one tree branch to another.

They require consistent attention from their owners, and the overall size of the house does not really matter to them. Their qualities include having a muscular and compact body and round golden eyes.

5. Exotic Shorthair

Most of the exotics look like the shorthaired versions of the Persians. Similar to their long-haired ancestors and cousins, these are generally affectionate and calm. They may prefer to lie down on a plush cushion or a warm lap rather than playing frisbee. They are not into sports or intense activities. Instead, their moderate energy levels are for toys and puzzles, which they will play with before heading back to your lap.

They have a quiet and soft voice that is ideal for small children and other pets. It’s worth noting that shorthairs are prone to obesity, and this is why you should watch out for their diet and calorie intake. It’s best to keep them active and playful so they won’t overfeed when they are bored.

6. Maine Coons

These gentle giants may be the pet that you need in your apartment. The Maine coons are friendly and easygoing in nature. Despite their big sizes, they don’t need a lot of maintenance, and you just have to do some brushing on their coats, and they are good to go.

They love to socialize with their pet parents, and they can entertain themselves fine by looking outside a window. Their hair is thick with a long double coat that enables them to survive Maine’s harsh winter season. They are laid-back and are not overly dependent. However, they are happy to follow their owners from one room to another or play fetch. Some of them may enjoy a few occasional swims because they are naturally attracted to water.

7. Persians

Persians understand best the importance of relaxation and rest. They are often described as serene and gentle cats that are more than happy to plop down on any surface that’s available. They don’t have the reputation of climbers, so they are fine in small spaces.

They won’t jump from one piece of furniture to another and are typically well-behaved. You won’t have to worry about them being clingy. Although they can enjoy the company of their favorite humans, they are also fine being left alone so they can spend some time by themselves. Their characteristics include having stocky legs, long coats, and round eyes.

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