Best Designer Tools For Graphic Designers

Graphic designing is one of the prior requirements of every industry. Previously, graphic designers were poster designers or pamphlet designers but the digital space has opened a vast field for the creative profession of graphic designers. Be it a small business or multinational company, graphic designing can be done using dedicated tools. This helps newbie professionals to learn, practice, and gain expertise in the art. Some of the tools are quite critical for every graphic designer to know while some tools are easy to use and anyone wanting to design a minimal creative can use.

The following compilation of tools will surely be a benefit for you just like a PDF to Word converter. A lot of industry professionals also recommend the following tools.


Filestage is an online review and approval tool where the designers can have full control over their content review process. Filestage allows the designers to have contact with their clients and stakeholders. The designers can keep track of their content getting reviewed or getting approved. It is the best tool where the clients can leave a review and suggestions on the designer’s respective project.

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Proofhub is an online proofing tool for designers. It goes by the tagline “Buh-Bye Chaos” with the motive of making tasks easier and hassle-free. This tool allows the client to explain any sort of changes they need like changing color or shifting texts. Proofhub eliminates the chaos of emails, feedback, and approval.

Pixelmator – Image editor

Pixelmator is a tool for designers packed with lots of inbuilt features and innovations. Pixelmator is a kind of tool that focuses on helping designers work on multiple projects. There are collections of handcrafted brushes that brings out the painter and let the designers give their own dynamic handcrafted touch to a content.

Coolors – Color scheme generator

Color selection and generation are very important and require a lot of brainstorming. This is where Coolors come in to brighten things up. This tool helps you to generate a color palette and scheme just by choosing your favorite colors or the colors you want to implement in your project. The benefits of coolors are similar to tools like edit PDF online.


Iconscout functions like a scouting tool for designers as it is one of the best resources for designing assets. The designers can have access to multiple and different assets such as icons, illustrations, and other kinds of animation. 


So, if you are looking to succeed as a good graphic designer then these tools would just be perfect for you. Being a good graphic designer does not only require ideas but also needs ideas along with some cool and effective tools in hand.