Best Indoor Plants to Gift to Your Favourite People

Not everyone loves plants or has a green thumb to avoid pollutants and inhale pure air and oxygen all the time. But some of the people you might be knowing who love to grace their space with all the beautiful plants that add an extra touch to their interior or adorn their house garden. So, why not offer them plants and let them cherish the plants? Sometimes, you get confused over what to gift; it may be for any occasion, even for housewarming or what to give as a return gift.

But if you know plants are the best gift to offer anyone. No, you need not put in the effort to go out and look for indoor plants to present, but nowadays, some online portals are also offering plants in abundance that are easy to gift. You can send your plants directly to your loved ones via those portals. Instead of taking out so much time to look for the right plants, buy indoor plants online with a click and spread smiles to your loved ones face.

But, the critical question you might ask now is which indoor plants are good to gift? What are those indoor plants that would impress your loved ones and need very little maintenance? Well, we understand that your intentions over giving a house plant are good, and you want your loved ones to have a kick-start of the day with fresh plants surrounding them. Therefore, we would help you to find the right set of plants that adore everyone’s house and would be loved by your favourite people.

So, let’s explore a plethora of forgiving plants that get indulged easily and spread positivity and oxygen all around.

Jade Plant

If you are pondering a plant that is not just for a green thumb but also for a black thumb, jade is a perfect plant to offer. This is a low maintenance indoor plant that is much popular for its fleshy, thick stem and oval-shaped leaves, creating an amazing impact on people. With watering, you can even find pink flowers in spring, so it is kind of an excellent gift to give. It needs low care and depicts a miniature tree, so why not gift a Jade to your favourite person.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

If you wish to give your loved ones good luck, prosperity and longevity, then lucky bamboo is a perfect gift to give. Also, it looks very aesthetic and can be taken care of either in water or in moist soil. This plant also doesn’t need much care and maintenance. Its different set of sticks implies different theories, so you can easily give one to your loved one. In water, with pebbles around and lucky bamboo tied, makes a good tabletop for the living room.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a pretty low maintenance plant that needs partial shade and suits every interior is the best indoor plant to give to your loved ones. Its shiny white-creamy flowers surrounded by leaves and its air-purifying properties makes it a fascinating plant. So, gifting the peace lily that symbolises peace, serene prosperity to your loved ones is one of the best choices.


Bonsai is the most popular plant and is the most preferred choice to gift for any occasion. If you know, dwarf trees or ornamental trees are known as Bonsai in the Japanese language. So, its ‘S’ curved stem and the tree is the best decorative piece to grace someone’s house with. It also does not need much nurturing, so you can easily gift this indoor plant to anyone you like.


Such a pretty addition to the living space! Isn’t it? Sending an orchid to your favourite people is a green initiative to make them green thumb people as they will fall for its vibrant colours, and its exceptional beauty would be the grist of the gossip mills. Also, orchids come in a wide range of colours that you can gift so you can choose accordingly and give the one you think will be loved by them.

Snake Plant

Snake plant, because of its peculiar shape and fleshy leaves, looks enchanting while placed inside. This is a low maintenance plant that emits oxygen all day long. So, it is a kind of caring hand to give to your loved ones. Snake plant is also called a mother-in-law’s tongue and is easy to grow. So, send this indoor plant today to your loved ones.

Spider Plant

Spider plants can be a gift for an amateur garden also. This air-purifying plant looks soothing when kept together; it is also a forgiving plant as if you forget to water occasionally, it would also look fresh and pleasant. It is another popular gift among plants that people love to give. You can also grant this plant to adore their coffee table.

We hope this piece of writing helps you choose the right indoor plants for your most favourite people, and this way, you will be able to change black thumb people to a green thumb. Let’s share plants as gifts and make this planet greener and pollutant-free.