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Best Ways to Repair Garage Door

Garage door repairs are important because a garage door can drastically alter the look of your home and often become an eyesore when something goes wrong. Mostly people are looking for the services of garage repair door in Chasterfield, VA. Here are some ways to deal with it.

1. Remove the Belts.

First, get rid of the belts to get the most bang for your buck. The garage door springs should be able to take the pressure and tension of the outer door and the inner door, but if the springs are too weak, a belt will frequently snap. Even if you don’t go around the door to tear them out, you may be able to separate the two ends by cutting the connection between the belts, which could reduce the energy of the springs.

2. Clean the Belts.

Most people think of cleaning belts for their cars, but these cleaning kits can help with your garage door springs too. All you need is a stiff paper towel and a bottle of mild detergent or dish detergent. Gently, wipe the belts with the paper towel, and while gently rubbing in circles, use the detergent to clean the drum. Take care not to get the rubber seal dirty. Wash the belt after the job is done.

3. Make a Simple Repairs.

Sometimes there may not be a simple fix to a malfunction, but you can try to fix it yourself. Take the ends apart and install new springs. It’s always good to be able to take care of minor repairs and be on the safe side. If you do have a serious malfunction, it’s better to take it up with a professional to get it fixed properly.

4. Install a Wired Garage Door Controller.

Some wiring goes through a garage door opener and is monitored by the opener itself. A garage door controller is an electronic piece of equipment that monitors the weight and size of the door. When you set the door, it makes sure the spring doesn’t get stretched too much. This could damage your door, so it’s best to switch over to a wired door controller, which is safer to operate.

5. Install a Wi-Fi Connected Doorbell.

Even if you have a manual garage door, you can still get a Wi-Fi doorbell, which makes your door more useful and safer. It not only lets you know when someone is opening or closing your door, but if you see a car pull into your driveway, you can even see the driver.

6. Test Your Door for Railing Collapse.

Railing may be used to support garage door components and prevent the door from opening, but it can sometimes fail and collapse with too much weight. When this happens, the weight is sometimes not even enough to break the tracks. You can have an issue getting your door to open or closed. To help keep this from happening, it’s good to make sure your door isn’t overloaded with weight or a weight bearing section that is damaged or needs to be replaced.

You can test for this by checking your system’s manual, and if you can see that the tracks are broken or bent, you should take your door off and replace the track with new tracks. If you can’t, you may need to replace the spring. A damaged or bent spring can cause the door to not open or close, or it may prevent the door from opening in the first place.

7. Check for Stuck Gears.

Some people have been unlucky enough to get a stuck spring, which leads to the door not opening at all. Sometimes, if there is enough weight on the garage door and springs, even a small amount of weight can cause it to lose power. When this happens, it’s best to do a system check and make sure all the parts are working.

8. Run Line Speed Test.

It’s possible that you have a worn out gear, or the gears are spinning at a very slow speed. To test the line speed, turn on the garage door opener, make sure the garage door is closed, and then open the door up to the normal line speed. If you can see the control sensor, the gears are not functioning as they should. It’s best to have your garage door removed from service to do a thorough check. This will ensure that your garage door is performing properly. You can also get services of garage door in Virgina Beech here.


Here are some of the questions that are frequently asked by customers.

How much does it cost to repair my garage door?

The labor to replace your garage door costs $300 to $350 depending on the quality of the door. Garage doors generally need to be replaced after 5 to 6 years. Most companies will replace a garage door if it has experienced any sort of damage in that time span. Some companies will offer a free estimate on your door.

How long does it take to get my door back up?

Usually, one hour per door is the minimum time it takes to remove and replace the door. If your door has been “broken in,” meaning it has been pulled off the track, but not completely removed, it will take longer to get it back on the track.

How does a new door look from the outside?

New doors tend to be a bit taller, and shorter and wider, which gives a more modern appearance. Some companies will even make the new door larger, which will make it easier to remove and replace.

Can you remove a door without putting the tracks back down?

No, the tracks need to be installed back on the door to make sure the door works properly.


If you are unsure if something is wrong with your garage door, it’s best to call a professional. If the problem is minor, they may be able to tell you what’s wrong and you can resolve it yourself. If it’s more serious, you’ll have to have your garage door professionally repaired.

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