CBD Research Team Appropriate qualifications and information work

If data must be gathered in Thai people who already have and can use it, can it be inspected or do further research? To appoint a balanced research team for each disease, namely, There are researchers appointed from

  1. People who have used
  2. An impartial and competent researcher a skilled person or a specialist in that disease
  3. Researchers on the disease from various royal colleges/colleges/professional associations.

Let the research team come together to collect information or do joint research. There may be one or two other observers involved. However, no conclusions were drawn from the results. Observers were able to observe the research team who had used them and found promising results in each. Disease, let me present the information that When do you get good results? Good results in what symptoms and in which diseases? Then the research team will be the one who concludes the good and the effect.

All Adverse Side Effects Occurring in Patients From Cannabis Use and planning research studies on the use of Cannabis.

Treatment should be consistent with the information obtained. Studies should be multi-institutional to obtain information promptly and sufficiently, especially the use of all 12 pilot clinics. In addition, in the case of problems in terms of excellent or side effects that cannot be concluded again. The Medical Council may set up a medical CBD kaufen research committee to decide. To summarize the results of cannabis use medicine from research by assigning this committee to have the duty to summarize research results and present to the Medical Council, Ministry Public health and organizations related to the continued use of medical marijuana.

So, the starting point for the cannabis research team started with one research team that consisted of at least three real experts from such elements come together to plan to conduct research on the same subject and summarize the results resulting from the application of using Cannabis for Treat any symptoms, conditions, or diseases that would like to demonstrate that marijuana use can provide significant medical benefits.

Continuous and clear for each subject, each symptom, or each disease

Existing Thais in the past and present show that CBD kaufen use is beneficial in relieving symptoms. Or treat or any disease. Let’s review and summarize before making plans. Make it clear that the research The information in Thai people that exists as mentioned is still an issue. Where can marijuana use be genuinely beneficial? Either to alleviate symptoms or to make symptoms, conditions, or diseases in stages which is lost to determine the methods of research and data collection The follow-up on the good or the side effects of Long-term use of marijuana: Provide a video with a sufficiently long-term follow-up of the patient, for example, 1 to 2 months showing that Symptoms continued to decrease. Patients feel better accordingly. There is no need for any other medication other than Cannabis. Including having an unbiased researcher interview, collecting data from the patient, and checking the patient’s symptoms to bring the information.

Confirm (reasonably) long-term results showing that it is an ongoing response to actual cannabis use; or it is not a good result from using other parallel drugs, etc. This is to allow the research team to This historical data is made into a plan. Direct research and outcome measurements in prospective research.

  1. Cannabis is used in any disease, alone or in combination with other modern medicines in the indication and stage of any disease.

After collecting data on the beneficial effects of the cannabis research team, It must be concluded that cannabis use in disease or how do you use Cannabis? will be divided into two issues

  • What diseases or conditions or symptoms will lead to Cannabis being used to treat or alleviate illness.
  • Cannabis use can be used alone or supplemented with other drugs
  • What diseases or conditions or symptoms will lead to CBD kaufen being used to treat or alleviate illness can be inferred from the data collected by the research team. or conclude that conduct research to collect more information clearly by determining disease.